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12/03/08 Tecmo
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The worst Game this Gen? I don't think so.

13th Nov 2009 | 1,617 views 


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Presentation - 5.5
Gameplay - 6.0
Value - 5.0
Spray shows alot of promise, but doesn't always deliver. The various liquids add an interesting twist to the mario sunshine formula, but its flaws keep this game from being great.

First off, I once thought this game was terrible, I gave into reviewers opinions and ignored Spray. Last week I was at our Blockbuster, who shut down, and they had a massive sale to clear inventory. I found Spray for .99, thats right I payed $1.07 total for this.

The Story starts out on a lovely day in Ecoria, a floating city in the sky powered by a Crystal Sun. One day the Evil Darkmatter Queen attack the crystal sun, leaving Ecoria defenseless. THe king is killed, and it is up to his adopted sun, the Spirited Prince Ray(SPRay), to save the day by collecting every piece of the sun, and using its power to fight off the Queen. Ray is given his fathers crown which houses two spirits. An ourange and Blue Spirit. The orange is some what wicked and Humorous, while the Blue is all about doing good. You start out with Vomit and Water, along the way you earn Slime and Ice. Each is used in different ways. Water puts out fire, and activates spinner switches. Vomit uncovers invisible platforms, but all liquids but water can do that. Slime allows you to stick to walls so you can reach high areas, and slows down enemies. Ice allows you to speed along, passing under timed doors, clearing extra large gaps, and stops enemies from attacking, as they struggle to maintain their balance.

When it comes to actual gameplay, Spray plays fine, to defeat enimies you douse them with any liquid, a life meter floating above their haed fills, when its full, they explode. There are Three enimies, regular antimatter, armored, and super armored. Regular is defeated just by spraying them, armored you must first break their armor by swinging the wii remote to swing your sword. Super armored baddies requir you to speed around them using ice so they destroy themselves with their blaster. When you're not defeating Enimies you'll solve various platforming puzzels, to collect the crystals. UNfortunately, you'll always end up doing the same missions in different levels. You either have to find 4 hidden parchments which reveal a secret symbol that unlocks a door to a crystal, or you run from point A to Point B to get the crystal. It is simple, but not always  easy. The camera doesn't always work with you. Every once in a while  you'll find an area in which the camera doesnt work with you. If you are on a small moving platform And turn around the camera will follow, but if you move back the other the camera stays put, making it hard to judge jumps correctly. Its not that much of a problem, it doesn't happen often.

The Graphics aren't bad, but arent great either. The areas are blandly detailed, and Ray's running animation seems off, his legs seem to be running faster then he is actually moving. One good note would be the Sprays. Each liquid is clrealy different, and the spray animation works wonderfully. Water shoots out wuickly and powerfully, while slime has an ozzing effect.

Sound is what you would expect from a budget wii title. There is no voice acting, all cutscene are text, the back round music changes with the levels, and when villians arrive, the upbeat melodies, turn omonious.

Overall, I did enjoy playing SPRay, When it works it works, but the reptative missions and Camera issues keep this game from greatness. Even the final showdown between The Queen is dull. This game had so much potential, but lacks variety. The best feature in this game, which saved it for me is Ice skating. Every level offers a wide open area, cover the ground in Ice,then Skate around Freely. Unfortuantely we will never see a sequel, So these problems cant be fixed. Right now the Game is $5 at gamestop, for that price I highly recomend it, I'd recomend even recomend it at $20. For

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Opinion (11)

spurgeonryan posted 19/04/2010, 06:50
I said five dollar bin, but alot of places are still selling this at 49.99! I wonder where mushroom men is now?
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spurgeonryan posted 28/12/2009, 05:47
looks like a good quality game from the pictures, but buyer beware...oh wait nobody bought it. In fact there are still like thousands of copies sitting in the 5 dollar bin at a lot of near bye stores. you would think someone would be liek what the heck whynot.
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Wildvine53 posted 06/11/2009, 05:22
I love this game!
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SaviorX posted 31/07/2009, 11:01
Right now, this games sales are at 6,666.

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spurgeonryan posted 05/06/2009, 11:56
Sooo a little over ten-thousand probaly wasn't a profit for this?
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stof posted 23/12/2008, 05:03
Now THAT is a tiny launch.
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