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Ubisoft's great reinvention of the stealth genre

13th Apr 2010 | 1,626 views 


User Score

Presentation - 9.0
Gameplay - 10
Value - 8.0
The start of redefining the stealth genre brings a new focused and intense feel which will make the Splinter Cell series what it's known for.

The stealth genre has seen it's fair share of great games but the one thing that seperated Splinter Cell from the rest, during it's time, was the idea of revitalzing a modern light-dark gameplay with an array of gadgets.  Although Splinter Cell may not too much to offer in terms of length, this venture into new gameplay cannot be missed by stealth fans. 

Step into the shoes of a Navy Seals vet./former secret agent Sam Fisher.  Sam's called back into the force by Irving Lambert to become the first Splinter Cell for a new secret organization inside the NSA called "Third Echelon".  The game takes place in 2004, after two CIA operatives "go dark" (lose communication) while spying in the country of Georgia, Sam's sent to investigate to see what has happened to them.  Along the way you find out that what seemed to be a short trip turns out to be evidence of an attack on America could be at hand. 

While it's story isn't exactly the greatest seen for it's time, but it very well got the job done.  Along the way you will enter some pretty interesting locales.  From sneaking through a city in Georgia (country) to even having to search for files in the main FBI hub in Langley, there's just a new mix of new places to be that it never feels old. 

One of the main feats for having this stealth game so perfectly executed is the overall sound and presentation.  The graphics looked crisp (for their time) and that intense echo sound when an enemy (or more) is looking for you really revs up the intensity.  Really the only quarrels to be had with the overall presentation are and few between in comparison.  Although the framerate will drop if/when the action gets hairy and the story isn't exactly one to boot, the overwhelming feeling you'll have losing your Splinter Cell virginity is one not to be missed. 


As stated before, the gameplay revovles around a light and dark stealth approach and revovles around getting to your objective while doing your best not to grab enemy attention.  While the levels are linear, the way in which you deal with your enemies can vary from disposing them or distracting them but some occasions require you to confront them.  The best way to use either of those options is by the veil of darkness.

To moniter how quiet and invisible you are, you'll have a light and noise meter on your interface.  This tool will become second-nature to you in no time and it's also a great tool for where you should hide bodies you knock-out/kill if you so choose to.  To help improve upon doing this you have the ability to shoot out unguarded lights (ones not caged) and security cameras.  Be wary though, if you do shoot out almost any light or camera, guards will be suspicious and check that certain area which will hinder or halt your progress.

You have a vast array of gadgets and allies to help with your missions.  Along with Lambert, you also have a tech. expert named Anne Grimsdottier who helps work solely on Fisher's mission and your set-up/extraction man Vernon Wilkes Jr. who each play a solid role in the cast.  Your gadgets are comprised of basically everything you see in action movies involving a stealth operation: Night vision/thermal goggles, suppressed pistol, lockpick, different grenades, among other cool gadgets unlocked throughout the game like suppressed auto-rifle and so on.  They all play a great role in helping you obtain you objectives and helped set the standard for what a "modern spy" should be equipped with in videogames. 

Your OPSAT (as seen in pic above) is the assortment of your mission objectives, footnotes, and enemy computer files that help flesh out the story.  It also wrapped within the userface displaying the ammo or number of grenades you have left.  It's an interesting take on the modern spy and it also shows more weight about the light and noise meter since that's actually being tracked by your suit.  This shows that your OPSAT and other array of equipment is able to be interwoven into the gameplay makes it just that more real.

The value of the game can be varied upon a person's opinion.  While the game doesn't have MP, it does have extra missions that are downloadable through Xbox Live which revolve around more of the story (basically an epilouge of 3 missions).  The game will take you somewhere in the low-mid double-digit hours depending on your style of play.  Regardless, the game offers an array of cool new things into the stealth genre making it a can't miss.

Pro's                                                        Con's

Redefines the stealth genre                    Story's a tad cut-n-dry

Amazing graphics for it's time                  Framerate can drop while in action

Awesome protaganist

Tense sound design adds a great layer



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thewastedyouth posted 14/04/2012, 04:44
damn this sold 1 million more on the xbox than the ps2
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Chairman-Mao posted 18/04/2010, 04:29
Made in Canada. Great game.
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Aion posted 30/08/2009, 02:17
Great game, my favorite xbox game.
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Gangster_Gamer posted 26/02/2008, 05:08
Amazingly fun game.
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highwaystar101 posted 03/01/2008, 05:27
fun game
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