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03/10/09 Sega
02/10/10 Spike
03/20/09 Sega

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Black, White & Bloody

25th Nov 2009 | 1,624 views 


User Score

Presentation - 8.0
Gameplay - 8.5
Value - 7.5
The highly acclaimed disbanded Capcom subsidiary Clover Studios return, in the form of Platinum Games, with their first project - MadWorld.

Developer Platinum Games have delivered many fan favorites and cult classics back when they still worked for Capcom under the name Clover Studios. These hits include the universally acclaimed Viewtiful Joe and Okami. It also includes God Hand, a game which recieved extremely mixed reactions. The question is, does MadWorld live up to the legacy of it's predecessors?

The story of MadWorld is pretty simple. The fictional Varrigan City has been turned into a twisted gameshow called "Death Watch", where everyone in the city is trying to kill one another to become #1 and recieve a large cash reward. This is where you come in. You play as a man named Jack. Who happens to have a retractable chainsaw attached to his arm. As you proceed through the game you'll start to notice that there actually is a story in the game, and there are reasons for the events that have taken place. The story is told through cutscenes that resemble a comic book, so you'll be seeing a lot of still panels with dialogue when the story is moving forward.

The finesse of MadWorld is the sheer multitude of ways in which to kill someone. It's pretty hard to get offended, because many of the ways are downright ridiculous, so chances are pretty high that even if you aren't a person who enjoys gore movies, you'll be laughing a lot at the crazy ways they let you kill people in this game. There are lots of items and objects you can pick up in the levels to bash your enemies with, and if you don't see any in sight you can pummel them with your fists or simply whip out your trusty chainsaw to mow them down easily. You'll have to be imaginative and put some effort into your kills if you want to get a lot of points for them, though. Just running around and cutting people down with the chainsaw gets repetetive quickly, and won't garner you many points. Points are needed to advance further in the level - At the end of each level there is a boss, and there's a certain point requirement to reach said boss fight, so you'll want to make sure you actually get some decent scoring done while adventuring around the various areas in the game.

Besides the regular gameplay, there are also minigames in most levels called "Deathwatch Challenges", in which you do things like whack enemy heads with a golf club to try and hit them through certain targets, or see how many people you can shove onto the subway tracks before the train comes along at full-speed and sends them flying. Acquiring points in the levels does more than just lead you to the boss battles, though. It can also net you special weapons that last you for a few good kills before breaking. These weapons include, but are not limited to, two large knives to dual-weild, a spiked bat and a large spear.

When talking about the visuals of MadWorld, graphics probably aren't the first thing that come to mind, but instead most people will talk of the style of the game. The game is done almost entirely in black, white and red(for blood). Not surprising, given the developer, as they have often opted for unique styling over pure graphical prowess. The soundtrack is entirely made up of hiphop, so if that's not your kind of music you might want to turn the volume down a bit when playing this game. The voice acting is professional, and during the whole game you'll be hearing commentary on the actions you perform and the murder. This commentary is made by comedian Greg Proops and veteran voice actor John DiMaggio, known primarily as Bender from Futurama and Marcus Fenix from Gears of War.

There is a multiplayer mode in MadWorld, but it's not very advanced. It takes the minigames from the main game, the "Deathwatch Challenges", and turns it into a 2-player affair where you and a friend each have a certain type of enemy you need to eliminate in the specified way(like whacking them onto a gigantic dart-board).

It should be mentioned that MadWorld, on it's regular difficulty, will probably last you a bit shorter than other games that are similar in genre. A normal playthrough can take about 6-8 hours, though once you complete it you unlock new difficulties to challenge yourself with if you so please. If replaying on a harder setting doesn't sit well with you, though, you'll probably be disappointed with the lasting appeal of MadWorld.

Story: Deeper than it seems at first glance, but still not all that interesting. It feels a lot like they thought up the concept of Death Watch and the murderous nature of the game long before they even considered putting a story in there.

The gameplay consists of many interesting wiimote-movements that emulate what you're doing on the screen. If you're worried that this means you'll have to shake your arms around too much, it should be noted that regular punches are thrown with the A button, and swinging the wiimote mostly only applies to item usage and special kills.

MadWorld is no graphical phenomenon, but it has style - And good style at that.

The music is very well-made and fits the different enviroments perfectly. As earlier mentioned, though, you probably won't be very happy if you don't like hiphop. Voice acting is superb, and especially the commentator's continue to cause laughs with great writing and fantastic delivery.

Not much to see here. Definitely feels like something they tacked on to try and extend the longevity of the game. It's not much fun for more than 5 minutes.

Fun Factor:
It's hard not to have fun when you play MadWorld and really get into it. Even disregarding the hilarity that ensues from the commentators, seeing all the creative ways of killing as well as actually performing them yourself with the wiimote instead of just watching some scene of it really draws you into the mad, mad world that is this game.

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Opinion (952)

supernihilist posted 23/01/2014, 04:07
730k and still selling?
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DieAppleDie posted 17/09/2012, 10:52
undertracked for sure
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Arfen posted 30/08/2012, 01:19
many shops have this game bundled with the Wii, so maybe it can still selling constantly and increase the numbers..
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AstroMaSSi posted 10/01/2012, 09:55
A game not so good as expected. Simply boring.
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atma998 posted 23/12/2011, 10:15
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Venox2008 posted 22/12/2011, 11:28
I love this game.. sooo fun
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