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Fire Emblem: Souen no Kiseki

ファイアーエムブレム 蒼炎の軌跡


Intelligent Systems



Release Dates

10/17/05 Nintendo
04/20/05 Nintendo
11/04/05 Nintendo

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Receive the Knight Ring
On Chapter 19 (Entrusted) your path is litered with Daien forces who have joined up with the Kilvas Ravens, the bad part is that the King of the Kilvas has joined the fray and is trying to kill you as well. Now, u need to be fast inorder to get this rare item. On your first turn, head straight north (if u can, take out the ballista as fast as u can). When your enemy's turn comes around, the King will Transform to his Raven self. Now, he has a unique skill called vortex that works like the Magic Weapon "Wind". Study how far he can strike and position a strong resistant character just within range of his skill. He'll swoop down and attack. Now, for this to work, you'll need both Reyson, Janaff and/or Uliki (the other Hawk Laguz). Have Janaff fly out to the King and talk to him. On his next turn he'll by-pass your units and go straight for Reyson (dont worry he wont attack him). They exchange words and the King will fly off. Now, if u havnt killed ANY of the Kilvas (meaning DONT ATTACK THEM!!) he'll give u the knight ring as a token of thanks. The Knight ring would make any unit of yours be like a mounted unit (meaning you'll be able to move after your main action)
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ExplodingBlock posted 11/07/2015, 04:16
Would buy if it wasnt so expensive
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BossPuma posted 26/03/2013, 09:17
The graphics during battles amazed me when i was a kid. I actually liked this one better than radiant dawn, even though the mechanics were better in RD
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Otakumegane posted 14/01/2013, 07:32
This game deserved more sales. Hopefully Awakening can break 1mil.
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Galvanizer posted 04/01/2011, 10:22
My fave RPG on GameCube.
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Monteblanco posted 15/03/2010, 12:01
Unlike Radiant Dawn, which I played first, I did not have much difficulty beating this one. Still, I found the story in Path of Radiance to be better. In any account, it is a great game.
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viewtiful_jon posted 24/10/2009, 09:23
Radient dawn is a better game, but both are fantastic this is just a little easy.
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