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03/01/00 THQ
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Various Cheats and Hints
Get more weapons:
When you are in an "Anywhere Fall" match you can get more objects by whipping people into things. For example, in the parking lot, whip someone into the ambulance to get a stretcher. Whip someone into the fire extinguisher box on the wall to get the extinguisher. In the back room after the stage, whip someone into the soda machine to get a soda/beer can out of it.

Exit match:
Press Start + Select during a match to exit to the main menu.

Pinning your opponent:
Slam your opponent to the ground, then press Down + Circle.

Easy belts:
Create a PPV and set a match for any belt. Put the wrestler you want to have the belt in the first place and put the wrestler with the belt in the second place. Set the match for P1 vs. P2. Play the match and do not have anyone using the controller two. This will allow you to easily defeat the wrestler with the belt.

I Quit win:
For I Quit win, grab the mic and press Circle when your opponent is flat on the ground.

Tag Team win:
This trick can only be done in a tag team match -- make sure you are allowed to get out of the ring and are controlling player one. Get out of the ring, and lure your tag team partner over to the opponent's tag team partner. Let your partner fight your opponent's partner, then quickly get in the ring and pin your opponent to prevent him from stopping the 3-count.

Bonus wrestlers in season mode:
Complete the indicated number of years in season mode to unlock the corresponding bonus wrestler:

Wrestler - Seasons:

Ivory- 1 year
Prince Albert- 2 years
Jacqueline- 3 years
Viscera - 4 years
80 ability points in Create a Superstar - 5 years
Mideon - 6 years
Gerald Brisco - 7 years
Pat Patterson - 8 years
No bonus - 9 years
90 ability points in Create a Superstar - 10 years
100 ability points in Create a Superstar - 20 years

Easy pin:
Play as Stone Cold and whip your opponent into the corner. Start punching him until he falls down. Pick him up, press L2 to give the taunt, and deliver the Stunner (Left + Circle). If you hook one leg there is a better chance that he is not going to get out of the pin.

Switch to fight other opponent:
When fighting Royal Rumbles, Battle Royals, 3-way dances, or any other match with more than one opponent, press R2 to fight the other opponent.

Keep season mode titles from changing hands:
Simply take the people that are eligible for a title in season mode out. In some cases such as the Tag Title or Hardcore, you cannot do this because there are too many people, However, this works well with the WWF Heavyweight title and the Women's title.

The Acolytes (APA):
Create a tag team match with Farooq and Bradshaw and they will appear as the Acolytes.

The Rock and Sock Connection:
Create a tag team match with The Rock and Mankind.

New Age Outlaws:
Just create a tag team match with the Road Dogg and Bad Ass Billy Gunn and they appear with the New Age Outlaws video, music and name.

The Dudly Boyz:
In a tag team match, select Buh Buh Ray and D'von and they will appear as the Dudley Boyz.

The Hardy Boyz:
In a tag team match, select Matt and Jeff Hardy and they will appear as the Hardy Boyz.

Hardy Boyz feud:
When making a created character take him through pre-season under the hard difficulty setting. When the Hardy Boyz confront you to talk about your match say "Thanks!" or if your creating a character set the "Characteristics" to Matt Hardy+ or Jeff Hardy+. Then, after you are finished with pre-season, go to season mode. If you have Jeff Hardy+ on your profile, Jeff Hardy will come out to help, same thing as if it were Matt Hardy+. If Jeff comes out to help you during your match on season mode (has to be set to hard difficulty) and it is Matt Hardy you are fighting, you and Jeff will feud with Matt Hardy. Same thing it would be if Matt Hardy was interfering in your match with Jeff. Your created character and Matt Hardy will feud with Jeff Hardy.

Get attacked by Mideon and Viscera:
Win all your matches in pre-season mode until you fight Mankind. Lose to him and you will fight the Rock. Win that match and win the next match. Win the Royal Rumble. Then, Paul Bearer will talk to you. Tell him to shut up. Before your next match, you will get attacked by Mideon and Viscera.

Attack Stone Cold Steve Austin:
Win all your matches in pre-season mode until you fight Mankind. Lose to him and you will fight the Rock. Win that match and win the next match. Win the Royal Rumble. Defeat the Rock & Sock Connection in a handicap match. Then, during Wrestle Mania, the Undertaker will ask you to attack Austin -- say "Yes". Before the main event, the Undertaker and your created wrestler will attack Stone Cold Steve Austin.

If you have a feud with Gangrel in pre-season, you will get a Bloodbath in the normal season mode. Note: It might take some time for Gangrel to do this. Alternately, select Gangrel and skip all matches in season mode. Eventually, you will see Gangrel doing his Bloodbath.

Undertaker's ceremony:
In Season mode as you skip matches and intermission sequences appear, eventually The Undertaker and Paul Bearer will be in the ring and the Undertaker's symbol will be in the air. Note: It may take some time for this to happen.

Defeat The Undertaker at the King of the Ring Finals competition. After winning the match, the game will show Paul Bearer and a randomly selected wrestler standing below The Undertaker's symbol celebrating the Undertaker's ceremony. Note: Your wrestler does not have to be at the finals. It has to be Undertaker against anyone. If The Undertaker loses before the finals, the ceremony will not appear. If The Undertaker wins the finals, it also will not work.

Change weapons:
Press R1 to pick up a weapon. Then throw it out of the ring, and go outside the ring. Get close to the ring. as you would to get back in. Press R1 while facing the ring. Your wrestler will grab another weapon from under the ring. You can keep repeat this until getting the weapon of your choice.

Easy cage match win:
When playing a cage match, go to the wall and your opponent will follow you. As your opponent is in your attack range, Irish Whip him/her to the wall that located beside you (and not behind you ). Then, quickly press R1 toward the wall behind you and rapidly tap the D-Pad to climb the wall faster. If your opponent gain his control back and you fail to climb the wall completely, just repeat those steps.

Stand in the top right hand corner of the ring and whip your opponent to the bottom left hand corner turnbuckle. If they land in the turnbuckle, start to climb the cage in the top right hand corner. When they get out of the turnbuckle they will walk to the side of cage you are on but will be able to get you down. If this is executed correctly, you will be able to climb out of the cage very quickly.

Climbing out of the cage:
Go near the cage, press R1, and when you have climbed a short distance, repeatedly press Up.

Skip over downed opponent:
Press L2 to skip over a opponent that is on the ground.

Drop at running opponent:
To drop down at a running opponent, hold the D-pad to their side and press Square.

Slam opponent into crowd separator:
When near the crowd separator, whip your opponent into it, but hold the direction you whip them. If done correctly, your wrestler should your opponent's head and slam it into the crowd separator.

Ball Breaker on the post:
Note: This is a difficult trick to perform. Throw your opponent to the any of the four posts, but make sure they are standing towards you or has their head on the ring post. Once this is done, get out of the ring as quickly as possible and grab your leg of your opponent that is closer to the post. If done correctly, your opponent will fall and your wrestler can perform the Ball Breaker.

Perform your finisher:
You will be able to do your finisher after you get a green dot. On your meter, the Smackdown logo will light up when you are in the right spot. From there, just press L1.

When your meter has all of the dots highlighted, simply press L1 from the position from which you hit your finisher. Example: To perform Jeff Hardy's Senton Bomb, knock your opponent down on the ground with all of your dots highlighted, climb the turnbuckle, and press L1.

Referee poses:
For different referee poses, press L2 and the D-pad in various directions. For a fast count, quickly press L2.

Face opponent's back when picking up:
Press Circle(2) when picking up your opponent. This is useful for wrestler such as Road Dogg when performing a finishing move.

Fast special:
Repeatedly press L2 (taunt) in a match to gain quick power instead of waiting for the taunt to finish.

Instead of beating the other opponents up until you get your special move, continually throw your opponent out and press the L2 (taunt). Do not wait for the taunt to end -- just rapidly press it.

The following strategy with Steve Austin can be used to fill up the red bar and gives you a finisher when it is filled. Keep doing the Austin Elbow Drop (Right + X) when someone is on the mat to fill up the bar.

Do special without using a dot:
When your meter says "Smackdown", instead of pressing L1 press Left + Circle. Note: This does not work for all wrestlers -- sometimes they will just do a special move.

Combo moves:
Each wrestler has a combo. Repeatedly press X and they will do a 4-5 hit combo.

Roll out of the ring:
When you get knocked down, hold toward the direction you want to roll out of and keep pressing R1 after you start to roll..

Using the Irish Whip:
Press Circle to grapple your opponent, then your wrestler will do an Irish Whip. You can actually whip your opponent in any direction by pressing the D-pad. This trick is very useful when you are playing a Royal Rumble type match.

Reveal finishing moves:
To reveal any wrestler's finishing move, select an "I Quit" match. Scroll through the wrestlers to see their finishing move.

Character traits:
After completing most pre-seasons, and throughout them, you will be shown notes such as Wealth+, Kane+, and Royal Rumble-. When creating a new wrestler, use one of these secret traits under "Characteristics" to get the aid of the more powerful wrestlers such as the Undertaker, Kane, and Austin. This is helpful when you are ready to create the ultimate undefeated wrestler once you have won pre-season and finished season.
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