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06/27/05 Rockstar Games
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09/01/05 Rockstar Games

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Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition

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Unlockable:How to unlock:
Unlock Agro (Special Move for SUVs and Trucks)Type Dfens
Unlock Bunny Ears (On MotorBike Rider)Type Getheadl
Unlock Chrome BodyType Haveyouseenthisboy
Unlock Faster PedestriansType Urbansprawl
Unlock Flaming Head (On MotorBike Rider)Trythisathome
Roar (Special Move for Choppers and Muscle Cars)Type RO4r
Unlock Skull Head (On MotorBike Rider)Type Getheadn
Unlock Smiley Face (On MotorBike Rider)Type Getheadj
Unlock Snowman Head (On MotorBike Rider)Getheadm
Unlocks ALL Cities in Arcade ModeRoadtrip
Unlock ALL Cities in Arcade ModeCrosscountry
Zone (Special Move for Sport Bikes, Tuners and Exotics)Allin
Unlock VehiclesComplete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding vehicles
Unlock Hummer H3TBeat the Big Playas Tournament
Unlock Paul Smart Sports BikeBeat the Original Riders Tournament
Unlock Nissan Sport ConceptComplete the Class C vehicles Only tournament
Unlockable How to Unlock
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Sales History

Total Sales
1 n/a 43,750 n/a 7,721 51,471
2 n/a 27,057 n/a 4,775 31,832
3 n/a 20,844 n/a 3,678 24,522
4 n/a 16,364 n/a 2,888 19,252
5 n/a 15,326 n/a 2,705 18,031
6 n/a 12,301 n/a 2,171 14,472
7 n/a 11,492 n/a 2,028 13,520
8 n/a 9,686 n/a 1,709 11,395
9 n/a 8,169 n/a 1,442 9,611
10 n/a 6,831 51,321 28,839 86,991

Opinion (10)

aceospades posted 26/07/2014, 04:43
best selling Midnight Club is on PSP :O
Message | Report
Michael-5 posted 14/04/2011, 10:04
Whoah, adjusted plus 500k!
Message | Report
sabby_e17 posted 15/01/2010, 08:47
Hands down the best racing game on the PSP.

Everything is just laid out so well.
Message | Report
Trent posted 31/03/2009, 09:45
wheres the other sales?
Message | Report
Aj_habfan posted 10/03/2009, 12:59
wow 1.5m in America alone.

The game is confirmed to have sold over 300k in the UK alone. It is passed 2m for sure.
Message | Report
drinkvault posted 01/02/2009, 02:12
One of the best selling PSP games of all time, and well deserved!
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