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08/23/11 Square Enix
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08/26/11 Square Enix

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Location of Praxis Kits
Sarif Manufacturing plant- Once you leave the assembly line you should see an elevator in the factoring lab. Once you leave the elevator the first Praxis should be right in front of you in a box on the ground Derelict row- When you get to derelict row enter the apartment building and head to the third floor there and you will find it on a dead body. Detroit city sewers- First you need to enter sewers via a manhole. The bets one to go to is via the Chiron buildings and lose to the northern section of the Detroit map. Now at the eastern corner which is south of the sewer entrance you should find a easily destroyable wall. Punch down the wall and obtain your Praxis point. Hengsha city sewers- While under the city in the sewers look for a U shape in the map or while just walking around the area it will be underneath the Huang Hua Hotel. Now you should see a weak wall that you can punch through. Do so and obtain your Praxis point. Tai young medical- Once you reach the second floor of the building and can climb to the third floor go left instead and proceed down the hallway and go through the door and you should see 2 offices. Go to the first office and look in the southwestern corner and you should find you Praxis point. Picus- Once you first come into the building to the main floor go to the middle bunch of cubicles and check the left desk in the center of cubicles to find a Praxis point.
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Sales History

Total Sales
1 n/a 31,831 36,858 13,971 82,660
2 n/a 17,928 13,036 5,938 36,902
3 n/a 10,668 5,780 3,039 19,487
4 n/a 5,698 3,523 1,732 10,953
5 n/a 3,540 2,611 1,182 7,333
6 n/a 2,799 2,453 1,031 6,283
7 n/a 2,202 1,648 741 4,591
8 n/a 1,790 1,324 598 3,712
9 n/a 4,147 3,879 1,590 9,616
10 n/a 8,197 5,452 3,208 16,857

Opinion (91)

adde127 posted 16/09/2013, 07:46
I don't understand why VGChartz doesn't include Steam sales. i am 100% sure it sold more than this.
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AndrewWK posted 16/06/2012, 11:33
It did good on PC
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FaRmLaNd posted 16/12/2011, 11:28
Good legs so far considering its first week.
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roboticsun61 posted 16/12/2011, 08:08
SE said 2.2m sold to date last month. so at least 0.6M were sold on PC. not bad
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cars298 posted 09/11/2011, 12:43
less sell as compared to its performance
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Kenchu posted 01/11/2011, 04:37
nilli, why do you so obsessed about this? Developers will continue supporting platforms where they think they can make a profit. You don't need to worry about their decisions.
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