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America - Front

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Starbreeze Studios AB



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X360, PC, XBL

Release Dates

04/07/09 Atari
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04/24/09 VU Games

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Owners: 36
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Wishlist: 3
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Complete each requirement to get the specified Trophy. There are 43 Bronze Trophies, 5 Silver Trophies, 2 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.
Unlockable How to Unlock
Advanced Weapon Handling (Bronze) Prove that you can use your weapon under difficult circumstances.
Basic Weapon Handling level 1 (Bronze) Kill 10 people.
Basic Weapon Handling level 2 (Bronze) Kill 1000 people.
Basic Weapon Handling level 3 (Silver) Kill 10000 people.
Bell Boy (Bronze) Complete all side missions in Butcher Bay.
Bounty Hunter (Bronze) Collect all bounty cards.
Chain Smoker (Bronze) Collect all cigarette packages.
Champion of Athena (Gold) Complete the Assault on Dark Athena campaign on hard difficulty.
Control a Heavy Guard (Bronze) Find and control a Heavy Guard.
Control a Mech (Bronze) Find and control a Mech on the Dark Athena.
Control a Riot Guard (Bronze) Find and control a Riot Guard.
Control an Alpha Drone (Bronze) Find and control an Alpha Drone.
Dominator (Silver) Get a 12 kill long kill streak. Get a quadruple kill. Get the first and last kill in a match.
Escape the Athena (Bronze) Find a way out of the Athena.
Explosive Master (Bronze) BOOM!
Eye Shine (Bronze) Find Pope Joe and let him perform the eye shine surgery.
Funwrecker (Bronze) Ruin someones day.
Gabril (Bronze) Find and help Gabril.
Hero (Bronze) Capture a flag. Capture a powercell. Win a round alone against at least 3 enemies.
High Security Jail Break (Gold) Complete the Escape from Butcher Bay campaign on hard difficulty.
Honest Fighting (Bronze) Find and kill Jaylor in a fair fist fight.
Juggernaut (Bronze) Keep on going no matter what.
Kill a Heavy Guard (Bronze) Find and kill a Heavy Guard.
Kill Abbott (Bronze) Get the opportunity to kill Abbott.
Kill an Alpha Drone (Bronze) Find and kill an Alpha Drone.
Kill Rust (Bronze) Find Rust and kill him.
Kill Spinner (Bronze) Find and kill Spinner.
Killer (Bronze) Get a 4 kill long kill streak. Get a double kill. Get the first kill in a match.
Main Frame Hack (Bronze) Find the Butcher Bay main frame and input your DNA.
Margo’s Locker (Bronze) Find and open Margo’s Locker.
Master of Athena (Silver) Complete the Assault on Dark Athena campaign on normal difficulty.
Master of Drones (Bronze) Complete the Main Decks using only two drones.
Medium Security Jail Break (Silver) Complete the Escape from Butcher Bay campaign on normal difficulty.
Melee Expert (Bronze) Close and personal.
Melee Master (Bronze) Find and beat Iron Lord.
Miles Letter (Bronze) Help Miles and transmit his message.
Murderer (Bronze) Get a 8 kill long kill streak. Get a triple kill. Get the last kill in a match.
Open the Vents (Bronze) Get a Dark Athena vent tool.
Platinum Get all Trophies.
Rebel (Bronze) Start a Riot on the Athena.
Ring Fight Champion (Bronze) Beat all competition in the Tower 17 ring.
SCAR gun (Bronze) Find and equip yourself with a SCAR gun.
Sniper Master (Bronze) They’ll never see it coming.
Sniper Rifle (Bronze) Find and equip yourself with a sniper rifle.
Stealth Master (Bronze) Get through the Cargo Bay without being noticed.
Trigger Happy (Bronze) Don’t stop firing until you are sure you are out of ammo.
Ulaks (Bronze) Find and equip yourself with a pair of Ulaks.
Underdog (Bronze) Never give up.
Winner level 1 (Bronze) Win 10 matches.
Winner level 2 (Silver) Win 100 matches.
Winner level 3 (Bronze) Win 1000 matches.
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Sales History

Total Sales
1 n/a 12,936 n/a 2,283 15,219
2 n/a 7,230 n/a 1,276 8,506
3 n/a 5,395 13,573 5,476 24,444
4 n/a 4,035 9,842 3,993 17,870
5 n/a 3,223 4,329 2,012 9,564
6 n/a 2,733 2,628 1,358 6,719
7 n/a 2,422 2,115 1,132 5,669
8 n/a 2,041 1,585 888 4,514
9 n/a 1,875 1,283 759 3,917
10 n/a 1,663 1,079 652 3,394

Opinion (20)

Lastgengamer posted 26/01/2010, 06:55
This game is well worth a purchase with 3 excellent games in one it's an easy buy.
Message | Report
Avarice28 posted 25/01/2010, 05:03
Just bought it with my rewards zone coupon giving me 20$ dollars off (got it for 9.99).
Message | Report
Jedidiah-Rose posted 09/12/2009, 01:56
I bought it.I played it.I don't hate it.

I just have a mild discontent for it.
Pathetic sales.
Message | Report
Avarice28 posted 09/11/2009, 01:02
The graphics were not much better than the xbox version (they should have ported over the pc version IMO). I am going to pick this up cheap soon.
Message | Report
peterch posted 10/09/2009, 07:34
pathetic sales!!! 2 awesome game plus multiplayer!! the US public is retarded for not buying this....
Message | Report
Statix posted 28/06/2009, 08:51
Go 100k! Go Riddick, Go!
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