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America - Front

America - Back

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Alternative Names

ルーンファクトリー フロンティア


Neverland Company



Release Dates

03/17/09 Xseed Games
11/27/08 Marvelous Interactive
04/01/10 Rising Star

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Owners: 131
Favorite: 4
Tracked: 7
Wishlist: 23
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Complete the one of the following tasks to get the corresponding tool.

Hoe: Given to you by Mist when you first move in.
Watering can: Given to you by Mist when you first move in.
Axe: Till 40 squares of land (you do not have to plant anything) and talk to Stella the nun (you may have to wait until Spring 4th).
Fishing Rod: Talk to Cinnamon by the church district exit on your farm in the early afternoon.
Harvester: Received from Candy. Ask her "What are Runeys?"
Hammer: Go to the second floor in the cave on Whale Island to find Melody. There will be a cinematic and she will give you a hammer.
Pet Glove/Brush: Speak to Kross after exploring the cave on Whale Island a bit. He is found in south district.
Sickle: Till 40 squares of land and speak to Erik. He sells seeds in south district.
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Sales History

Total Sales
1 21,057 n/a n/a 21,057
2 7,111 n/a n/a 7,111
3 3,492 n/a n/a 3,492
4 2,465 n/a n/a 2,465
5 2,073 n/a n/a 2,073
6 1,675 n/a n/a 1,675
7 457 n/a n/a 457
8 300 n/a n/a 300
9 253 n/a n/a 253
10 204 n/a n/a 204

Opinion (90)

EricFabian posted 06/06/2013, 02:07
still play this game sometimes! Man 120hrs+ isn't enough to do all stuffs!
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dark_gh0st_b0y posted 21/10/2011, 12:52
spent a lot of time on this as well, it's insane how i wasted time making jams to get monet : P
Message | Report
MrT-Tar posted 30/06/2011, 01:52
good to see this game do better than I expected. I'm surprised at how long the average use time is on the U.K Nintendo channel though. It's at 37 hours, compared to my 83 hours and I could've easily spent a lot more time on it
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pokeclaudel posted 06/04/2011, 03:18
I hope they make another for the 3ds
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Fededx posted 27/03/2011, 05:17
Still selling, and I think the numbers are OK now :)
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Boutros posted 22/01/2011, 04:42
Cute game but I highly disliked the combat part.
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