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Dairantou Smash Brothers DX



HAL Laboratory



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12/02/01 Nintendo
11/21/01 Nintendo
05/24/02 Nintendo

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first you need 4 players no computers.you need to do team battle with these Characters.. 2 flacos,fox and peach. player 1 must be falco and player two must be fox and player 1 and 2 must team up as red,blue,or green. player 3 must be peach with no partner and player 4 must be flaco with no partner.
you must need the super scope to come out as the items u use in battles. select the stage of hyrule temple. first player one needs to get a super scope and tap A 5 times and do 2 charge balls but when the amo finish you will be able to charge again be sure peach is behind u. when ure charging let peach slap u on the head then u might get the infinite scope. then this is the order u need to be in

flaco here
fox here and falco behind fox with infinite scope
------------------------- ---------------
------------- ---------------
------------ -----------------------------------------
and peach under here
make falco (not with infinite scope) and fox press B+down
behind fox, falco needs to keep pressing a and the scope balls are going to keep going to go back and fworth. when this happening make peach keep jumping at the scope balls and they well a create a beam. when this is hapening make peach keep throwing 15 turnips at the beam when u finished throwing the turnips let go of falco and fox of pressing b +down and stop shoting scope balls with scope, then the 15 turnips well be spinning around and around and u made ure black hole.

P.S. if u jump on the turnips ure hp will turn to 999% and sent u flying.

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As of: March 31st, 2013

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TheDelBel posted 16/11/2019, 04:49
Awesome game. The game that made me want a GameCube.
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ExplodingBlock posted 14/01/2015, 03:01
Just now bought a new copy!
It's awesome!
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ExplodingBlock posted 10/09/2014, 05:38
I miss this game I had it but I lost it 2 years ago and haven't seen it since :( I bought it at gamestop for like 20$ and now it is 45-60$
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drake_tolu posted 17/05/2014, 05:45
I'm much happy for the fact that the best game for GC is even that have sold more! (:
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AstroMaSSi posted 21/01/2012, 04:53
Tekken what???
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Solid-Stark posted 30/05/2011, 11:28
Falco FTW!
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