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10/31/99 Ubisoft
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10/29/99 Ubisoft

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Various Cheats and Hints
Get 100%
In order to get 100% at the game select menu you have to find a secret lums in the Tomb of the Ancients level. In the first part of the level, after having activated the 3 switches that raise the platforms in the poisonous pond, jump on these floating platforms and climb the web on the other side. Once at the top, instead of just falling down the pit, place yourself at the edge of the wall, to the left (when facing the poisonous pond), Then, fly over the pond, go as far to the left as possible to find a narrow hall in the wall, and land on the platform. Follow this path and kill some pirates to get the 1000th lums in the skull's eye.

Rayman playing basketball
Well this isn't really a tip but
IF you don't move Rayman and do't do nothing Rayman will get his body and bounce it like a basketball.

The walking shell
when you get to the level that you have to tame the shell all you do is make sure it is chasing you,then run in circles until you hear it skid.look at it if its just sitting there then go jump on it or walk into it.

Hidden health in Wale Bay
When you see the triangle, walk up the stairs and flip the switch. Then, go back down and ride the rocket where the water is located and jump it. Open that door get a health.

Freeing Ly
On the object with patches on it (machine that shoots things), pick up the bag. Every time you see a shot, press (B)x2. When you get to the machine, press (A). Get the bag again and repeat the process until all patches are gone and the machine is destroyed.

Ride the walking shell
Use the following trick to ride the walking shell in the Menhir Hills, Gloobox level, just before Whale Bay and the Sanctuary of Lava and Fire. Let it run after you, but make sure it does not catch you. It will start to snooze. When it is asleep, walk into it.
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spurgeonryan posted 24/01/2011, 06:15
wow! Its double the price of other used games on the 64 area at Amzazon
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hunter_alien posted 30/12/2009, 03:07
Yeah... too bad that the voiceacting IMO adds a lot Still you cant go wrong with any of the games...
Message | Report
shizzlee posted 30/01/2009, 05:53
This version is greater than the PS version :D Ehh, well except for no voices. I dislike the mumbling.
Message | Report
quigontcb posted 07/02/2008, 07:48
I love this game. Right up there with Mario 64 in my book.
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*~Onna76~* posted 02/12/2007, 02:47
Why do people find it necessary to rate the Nintendo games so low?!
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nintendo_fanboy posted 21/11/2007, 01:24
The best rayman game imo.
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