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Paradigm Entertainment



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09/29/96 Nintendo
06/23/96 Nintendo
03/01/97 Nintendo

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Various Cheats and Hints
Driving the Gyrocopter
The Gyrocopter can be driven on the ground by landing anywhere after getting enough forward momentum in the air.. After landing, keep moving forward. Note that the Gyrocopter will become airborne again if its speed exceeds 40.

Rocket Belt, Pilot Class shortcut
There is a shortcut in the cave on Crescent Island. There is a left turn that leads down a straight section after the first stalactite in the cave. The cave narrows midway through the straight section,. Just after the narrow section is a torch on the wall. Turn right at the torch to reach a branch in the cave. Avoid touching the wall in the very narrow sections.

Night time on Rocket Belt, Beginner Class
Enter the cave in front of the chapel on top of the hill. There should be water coming out of cave and a sewer grate deep inside. Fly to the sewer grate and the game will slow as a strange noise is heard. The cave will turn darker. Exit the cave to fly outside at night.

Nintendo 64 logo on flag
Use the Birdman on the snowy mountain stage and fly to the top of the highest mountain or a mountain near that. You may notice a tiny flag flapping in the wind near the top. Fly closer to see that the flag has a Nintendo 64 logo, which looks makes a nice snapshot for your photo album

Unlimited fuel (Japanese version)
Pause the game and press [Up], [Down], [Left], [Right].

Birdman star locations
Finding a Birdman star will allow access to the Birdman suit. The screen will turn white after the star is obtained. Note that the Rocket Belt is required to reach all of these locations except for Holiday Island.

- Holiday Island: Under the natural arch on the beach
- Cresent Island: In the hidden cove on the beach located between the airport and little village.
- Little States Island: Center of Central Park in New York.
- Ever-Frost Island: Deep inside the cave that feeds the smaller waterfall. Go to the end of the cave and change the viewpoint to look downward.

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1,120,000 Units
As of: December 31st, 2003

Opinion (12)

Ganoncrotch posted 10/08/2012, 01:58
nothing quite as cool as bombing around in the gyrocopter in this flying under low bridges or just free flying around the lil states... had so much fun just enjoying the mellow game engine of this game as a kid.
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goldeneye0065r posted 30/12/2011, 04:29
1.12 mill for a good game that should have sold well , and i think the 3ds version should selll more
Message | Report
dizzydee_011 posted 22/10/2010, 07:29
This game was fun and still is.
Message | Report
spurgeonryan posted 17/10/2009, 04:18
it was an interesting game. i wonder if the reson 64 games didn't sell super well is because back then rentals was a big thing now you can just go buy a used copy for 10 bucks or go to game crazy and get it for like 50 percent off at closing stores.
Message | Report
pariz posted 04/10/2009, 10:25
One of my favourites of all time.
Never again played anything like it.
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spurgeonryan posted 11/06/2009, 11:17
Yeah a Wii version would be great.
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