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10/28/03 Atari
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06/13/03 JoWood Productions

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Easy way into town

Marvin Mode: Press C during game play, then type marvin to activate the console.
Press C again to exit, then press [F2] to display the console window. Enter one of the following codes at the console window. Most cheats will "auto-fill" the rest of the code for you if it is correcct.

Heal player and full mana - cheat full
Enable/disable god mode - cheat god
Show/hide military time display - toggle time
Change current time - set time <hh:mm> ex.0800
Enter first person view - first person
Spawn item - insert <name>

The following spawn items are just a few things to help you out. Use the insert cheat in the console to use them (insert [item code]). The item will spawn in front of you.

Citizen's Clothing - itar_vlk_l
Citizen's Clothing - itar_vlk_m
Citizen's Clothing - itar_vlk_h
Citizen's Clothing - itar_vlkbabe_l
Citizen's Clothing - itar_vlkbabe_m
Citizen's Clothing - itar_vlkbabe_h
Farmer's Clothing - itar_bau_l
Farmer's Clothing - itar_bau_m
Farmer's Dress - itar_baubabe_l
Farmer's Dress - itar_baubabe_m
Convict's Clothing - itar_prisoner
Landlord's Clothing - itar_barkeeper
Smith's Clothing - itar_smith
Judge's Robe - itar_judge
Governor's Doublet - itar_governor
Leather Armor - itar_leather_l
Medium Bandit's Armor - itar_bdt_m
Heavy Bandit's Armor - itar_bdt_h
Light Militia Armor - itar_mil_l
Heavy Militia Armor - itar_mil_m
Knight's Armor - itar_pal_m
Paladin's Armor - itar_pal_h
Crawler Plate Armor - itar_djg_crawler
Light Mercenary Armor - itar_sld_l
Medium Mercenary Armor - itar_sld_m
Heavy Mercenary Armor - itar_sld_h
Light Dragon Hunter's Armor - itar_djg_l
Medium Dragon Hunter's Armor - itar_djg_m
Heavy Dragon Hunter's Armor - itar_djg_h
Female Dragon Hunter's Armor - itar_djg_babe
Novice's Robe - itar_nov_l
Mage's Robe - itar_kdf_l
Heavy Fire Robe - itar_kdf_h
Water Mage's Robe - itar_kdw_h
Dark Cloak - itar_dementor
Lester's Robe - itar_lester
Diego's Armor - itar_diego
Cor Angar's Armor - itar_corangar
Robe of the Dark Arts - itar_xardas
Old Knight's Armor (best armor) - itar_pal_skel

Essence of Healing - itpo_health_01
Extract of Healing - itpo_health_02
Elixir of Healing - itpo_health_03
Mana Essence - itpo_mana_01
Mana Extract - itpo_mana_02
Mana Elixir - itpo_mana_03
Elixir of Strength -... 

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As of: 2017

Opinion (3)

Alby_da_Wolf posted 09/04/2009, 10:57
Still have to start it, I have a huge backlog. The first one was brilliant, I so wished its world were as vast as Morrowind one (it was almost as vast, but I wished it was even vaster, as it was far better, particularly considering it had slightly smaller real HW requirements).
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Zornica posted 17/06/2008, 03:52
better than morrowind & oblivion
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Radziel posted 19/02/2008, 06:30
great example of what a rpg game should be
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