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10/28/03 Atari
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06/13/03 JoWood Productions

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Cheat mode: Press C during game play, then type marvin to

Item name
Holy Light itru_pallight
Lesser Healing itru_pallightheal
Medium Healing itru_palmediumheal
Greater Healing itru_palfullheal
Holy Arrow itru_palholybolt
Harm Evil itru_palrepelevil
Destroy Evil itru_paldestroyevil
Teleport itru_palteleportsecret
Teleport to Harbor City itru_teleportseaport
Teleport to Monastery itru_teleportmonastery
Teleport to Landlord itru_teleportfarm
Teleport to Xardas itru_teleportxardas
Teleport to Pass of Khorinis itru_teleportpassnw
Teleport to Valley of Mines Pass itru_teleportpassow
Teleport to Castle itru_teleportoc
Teleport to Ancient Demon Tower itru_teleportowdemontower
Teleport to Tavern itru_teleporttaverne
T3 itru_teleport_3
Light itru_light
Fire Arrow itru_firebolt
Lightning itru_zap
Heal Light Wounds itru_lightheal
Create Goblin Skeleton itru_sumgobskel
Fireball itru_instantfireball
Ice Arrow itru_icebolt
Summon Wolf itru_sumwolf
Wind Fist itru_windfist
Sleep itru_sleep
Heal Medium Wounds itru_mediumheal
Lightning itru_lightningflash
Large Fireball itru_chargefireball
Create Skeleton itru_sumskel
Fear itru_fear
Ice Block itru_icecube
Ball Lightning itru_thunderball
Awaken Golem itru_sumgol
Destroy Undead itru_harmundead
Large Fire Storm itru_pyrokinesis
Small Fire Storm itru_firestorm
Wave of Ice itru_icewave
Summon Demon itru_sumdemon
Heal Heavy Wounds itru_fullheal
Rain of Fire itru_firerain
Breath of Death itru_breathofdeath
Wave of Death itru_massdeath
Holy Missile itru_masterofdisaster
Army of Darkness itru_armyofdarkness
Shrink Monster itru_shrink
Deathbolt itru_deathbolt

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200,000 Units
As of: 2017

Opinion (3)

Alby_da_Wolf posted 09/04/2009, 10:57
Still have to start it, I have a huge backlog. The first one was brilliant, I so wished its world were as vast as Morrowind one (it was almost as vast, but I wished it was even vaster, as it was far better, particularly considering it had slightly smaller real HW requirements).
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Zornica posted 17/06/2008, 03:52
better than morrowind & oblivion
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Radziel posted 19/02/2008, 06:30
great example of what a rpg game should be
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