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11/17/02 Nintendo
02/28/03 Nintendo
03/21/03 Nintendo

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This list has everything you can obtain in metroid prime excepet chozo artifacts

missle launcherdefeat hive mech in chozo ruins,hive totem
morph balldefeat plated beetle in chozo ruins nera ruined plaza ( behind missle door cannot remember room name )
morph ball bombdefeat incenerateor drone in chozo ruins,burn dome
vair suitdefeat flaagrhar in chozo ruins,sunchamber
wave beamdefeat sheegoth in phendra drifts,chaple of the elders
boost ballobtain in phendra drifts,phendra cannyon
space jump bootsobtain near landing site
ice beamobtain in chozo ruins,atechchamber
super missleobtain in phendra drifts,observetory
thermal visorobtain beyond oservetory ( cannot remeber room name)
spider balldefeat thardus in phendra drifts,quarntine cave
gravity suitobtain in phendra drifts,gravity chamber
grapple beamobtain in phazon mines, near ore prossecing
plasma beamobtain in maggmoor caverns,plasma procesing near geotherma core
power bombobtain in phazon mines,( forgot room name ) and solve chozo maze
phazon suitdefeat omega pirate in phazon mines,omega control
wave busterobtain in chozo ruins,tower of light
flame throwerobtain near phazon mines,secuity accsess
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Opinion (63)

Karolek12 posted 10/12/2018, 05:23
ExplodingBlock, This games sold better in Japan than in European countries. And for sure Japan is more west than you think. Music, movies, games - they love ''dark'' and mature things even more than Americans which like ''kawaii'' more than Japanese. US is more childish. So stop saying bullshits 'cause u don't know how pop culture in Japan looks like.
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Keybladewielder posted 19/11/2018, 09:40
This game is so amazing
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ExplodingBlock posted 31/01/2015, 03:01
Why does Japan hate anything that isn't kawaii?
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leedlelee posted 19/01/2015, 07:07
Skullwalker, you're in luck...
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Skullwaker posted 10/01/2015, 06:10
I need to play this. Like, now. I'd love for the Big N to release an HD remaster or at least put it on the VC but if I have to I'll track down the Trilogy. I've heard nothing but great things.
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DieAppleDie posted 16/09/2012, 02:01
Brilliant masterpiece
love the soundtrack so much
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