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Infinity Ward



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X360, XBL

Release Dates

10/25/05 Activision
03/24/06 Activision
10/25/05 Activision

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Unlock Any Mission
In SINGLE PLAYER / RETAIL VERSION of the game, from the options menu under SYSTEM and select GAME OPTIONS and ENABLE CONSOLE click until YES is displayed. Then click back until you get to the main menu. Type the "~" tilde symbol, upper left character to the left of the "1" key. The console will be displayed, next type "developer 2" omitting the double quotes and strike the "Enter" key. A new menu item will apeear labeled "LOAD" in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. It will take a few seconds before the list of games are retrieved and displayed. Scroll through the list and select a game. Once the game/scenario has been loaded, left click on your mouse to start the sceneario. Once you have reached a point in the game where you have the desired weapons to finish the scenario, bring up the console by typing the tilde "~" aymbol. Now type "give ammo" omitting the double quotes. This should provide a ffull load for all weapons and the max loadout for both fragmentation grenades and smokew grenades. Now that you are at developer 2 level, all level difficulties will be enhanced. Remaining enemies still aftive in the scenario will fire upon you and attack you unless they are tied down by territorial or restrictive code. You may also type any other applicable code. For a list of commands, with the console enabled, type "AI ~ cmdlist" omitting the double quotes and this will list all commands as well as all messages up to that point in the game. Use the "Page Up" and "Page Down " keys to scroll through the list. I do not have a full explanation of all commands and cannot provide support at this time. Please advise me of any discrepancies. I have played all scenarios except for the TANK BATTLES with "developer 2" active and have noted a mrked increase in difficulty over the "developer 0" default level.
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1 n/a n/a 38 10 48
2 n/a n/a 102 36 138
3 n/a n/a 136 55 191
4 n/a n/a 234 111 345
5 n/a n/a 517 248 765
6 n/a n/a 564 271 835
7 n/a n/a 563 277 840
8 n/a n/a 559 276 835
9 n/a n/a 753 371 1,124
10 n/a n/a 896 405 1,301

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cars298 posted 10/11/2011, 11:11
enimies die lately
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pezus posted 04/06/2011, 04:00
Best cod ever!
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Trent posted 31/01/2009, 11:11
Woo First Comment

Anyway This Game Brings Back memories
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