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03/29/16 Sony Computer Entertainment America
03/30/16 Sony Computer Entertainment
03/30/16 Sony Computer Entertainment Europe

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MLB The Show 16 is the best way to experience baseball. The 11th edition of The Show is a more immersive and exciting sports gaming experience than ever before. Now celebrate the return of Spring with The Show 16.

New game features include:

  • ShowTime – Experience baseball's most epic plays like never before. ShowTime takes critical in-game Road To The Show moments and slows them down to give you maximum control. Make Gold Glove plays and come through in the clutch with this empowering tool that allows finer, more focused user control.
  • Immersive Road To The Show – With a curated in-game environment and a revamped training system that includes Gameplay Perks, The Show 16 offers a far more personalized experience that acknowledges key moments of your career as you travel from a nobody to the Hall of Fame. An improved “Topps Prospect Showcase” includes Bowman Scout Day and a new 20-80 scale scouting report. Streamlined game logic maximizes the time spent in situations that matter. 
  • Conquest Mode – This single-player online experience takes your Diamond Dynasty team on the road as you travel through North America en route to becoming America's most popular team. As you earn fans, strategically move them to hold territories or help take over new territories as you attempt to achieve baseball manifest destiny.
  • Battle Royale Mode – The ultimate high-stakes Diamond Dynasty experience, this mode challenges users to take a drafted squad through a single-player, online tournament. Each win will bring a new set of rewards closer, but only the best players will stand the Battle Royale test.
  • Revamped Franchise Mode – From the field to the front office, take the reins and run a big league ball club in Franchise Mode. A new Player Morale system, based on factors such as role and coaching staff, will have a profound effect on your team’s on-field performance. Our improved Budget system now includes the authentic MLB Competitive Balance Tax and Revenue Sharing. All of this, plus improvements to Free Agent logic, GM goals, scouting and more make Franchise the deepest experience yet in The Show 16.

Source: playstation.com

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Mentore posted 27/01/2017, 03:47
LMAO 1 million
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Kerotan posted 26/01/2017, 07:42
When's the last time an MLB game hit a million on a single platform?
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WebMasterFlex posted 13/12/2016, 05:33
I love this game and you got custom soundtrack. MLB The Show 17 will be perfect.
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xboxonefan posted 17/10/2016, 10:09
This might end up selling a million
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Kerotan posted 03/05/2016, 03:13
Nearly half a million already
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