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Mezase!! Tsuri Master


Hudson Soft



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09/18/07 Konami
03/29/07 Hudson Soft
03/07/08 Konami

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The Wii Remote now becomes a rod in Fishing Master, enabling users to become armchair fishermen in the comfort of their own home! Offering hundreds of possible combinations of rods and bait and locations, players cast their line using the Wii Remote and then reel in their catches using the Nunchuk.
There over 100 fish to try and hook ranging from the more common fish like Freshwater Trout to mythical oddities like the fabled Sea Goblin that is said to have eaten entire boats in one go! There are over 30 tournaments for players to compete in to become a true Fishing Master.

It’s by no means just a single player game either, with a  fantastic four player head-to-head fishing derby option where players simultaneously try to outdo each other on the banks of the river to determine a fishing champ.

Featuring well over 30 different types of bait, 30 different fishing holes that hide the huge variety of fish and multiple rods, there are always new techniques and styles to try out to bag some of the elusive fish you need to complete the roll call of fish within the game. The Fish Encyclopedia will also educate players by giving information on every fish caught in the game. 

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janta posted 30/04/2008, 06:01
This game should be combined with

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