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09/30/97 Microsoft
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02/02/98 Microsoft

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Play one of history's twelve mightiest civilizations. Each Civilization has strengths and weaknesses and can researched different technologies. You are the guiding spirit of a tribe that predates one of the great cultures of antiquity. Your goal is to build your tribe into a mighty civilization that can vie for world dominance. You can establish alliances with other civilizations, exchange tribute, and establish trade routes. Other civilizations are controlled by human or computer players.

  • Achieve victory in multiple ways: win by building a wonder, by destroying your enemies or by being the first to reach an objective
  • Command one of twelve civilizations, including the Egyptians, Greeks, Persians, Assyrians and Babylonians. Each civilization has unique attributes based on their historical counterparts.
  • Choose a technology path. Age of Empires lets gamers choose from numerous technological paths to help lead their civilization to greatness. Military or economic path are possible.
  • Players get to see the real-time results of their game play decisions, assigning tribe members to hunt, explore, conquer or build.
  • Players can conquer or cooperate with existing tribes in a multiplayer environment via the Internet (through the Internet Gaming Zone), over a LAN or modem-to-modem.
  • Players have over 10,000 years of real-time evolution to build their tribe into a powerful flourishing empire.
  • A fully integrated scenario editor lets the player create his/her own scenarios and campaigns.

Min System Requirements:
Minimum PC Requirements:

CPU Type: Pentium
CPU Speed in MHz: 90 MHz
RAM: 16MB (Windows 95), 24MB (Windows NT)
Hard Drive Space: 130MB
Sound Card: Windows compatible
CD Drive Speed: 2X (gameplay), 4X (cinematics)
Modem Speed: 28.8 Kbps
Video Card: Local bus
Video RAM in MB: 1MB
Graphics Type: SVGA
Color Depth: 256
Graphics Resolution(s): 640 x 480
Compatible Devices: mouse, keyboard

Multiplayer System Requirements:

Modem Speed: 28.8 Kbps

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2,200,000 Units
As of: June 2001

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DaColdFlash posted 03/01/2010, 10:13
the best game i've played and probaly i'll every play
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CaptainDJ posted 12/05/2009, 11:12
Fun game. Brings back a lot of memories. :D
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