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03/15/13 Greenheart Games
03/15/13 Greenheart Games
03/15/13 Greenheart Games

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Game Dev Tycoon is a business simulation game where you replay the history of the gaming industry by starting your own video game development company in the 80s. Create best selling games. Research new technologies and invent new game types. Become the leader of the market and gain worldwide fans.

Start out in the 80s

Start your adventure in a small garage office in the 80s. Enjoy the hand-crafted level design while you develop your first simple games. Gain experience, unlock new options and create your first game engine.

Create games your way

In Game Dev Tycoon the decisions you make during development really matter. Decide which areas you want to focus on. Does your game need more gameplay or should you focus more on quests? These decisions will have a major impact on the success of your game.

Expand your company

Once you have successfully released a few games you can move into your own office and forge a world-class development team. Hire staff, train them and unlock new options.

Make larger, more complex games

With experience and a good team, you can release larger, more complex games. Larger games bring new challenges and you will have to manage your team well to deliver hit games.

Unlock labs and conduct industry-changing projects

Move beyond just releasing games and conduct industry-changing projects by unlocking labs later in the game. There are a number of secret projects that can be completed.

Gameplay over revenue

We love simulation games and we also strongly believe that games need to be more than dressed up slot machines. That’s why we are proud to say that Game Dev Tycoon was designed as a fun game and not as a revenue extraction platform. Game Dev Tycoon focuses on a casual single player experience – there are no forced wait-times, no virtual coins, no in-app purchases, no ad-breaks, no loot boxes and no overly addictive gameplay mechanics. We don’t care about player retention or average player revenue, nor do we want to catch whales. All we care is that you enjoy the game for as long as you want to. In exchange, we ask for a small upfront fee because your support is the only factor keeping us in business. If you like what we are doing and want to support us further, please take a look at this page.

Source: https://www.greenheartgames.com/app/game-dev-tycoon/


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