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America - Front

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07/25/07 Eidos Interactive
12/02/06 Spike
10/26/07 Eidos Interactive

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As Ray, you wake up alone in a deep and fog covered forest. Your friends are nowhere to be found. It was supposed to be a cozy night camping in the woods... until strange creatures rose from the darkness. You must find your friends, survive the horrific forest and get off the island in one piece.


  • Use the Wii Remote and Nunchuk controllers to overcome obstacles scattered throughout the island. Swinging bridges, pitfalls, falling rocks and insect nests.
  • Squash, smash and stump giant bugs and eerie mutants using the Wii Remote. Exterminate hundreds of insects by mastering dozens of weapons with different attack techniques. Rifles, grenades, sickles, rocks and much more.
  • Enter the "Cave of Time" and travel back through time to save the lives of your friends.
  • Explore the devilish island, survive the creatures in a world only visible through your flashlight.
  • Discover weapons and unlock special items to help you in your quest for survival.


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Opinion (9)

undergroundfrog posted 27/06/2011, 12:41
this wasn't too bad of a game.
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spurgeonryan posted 12/06/2009, 04:37
Eidos just can't get a break with the Wii.
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killeryoshis posted 02/05/2009, 03:15
O_o this game creepy
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PeteyPeeps posted 25/04/2009, 04:59
Sadness .... Under Appreciated ... i really like this game ... call me crazy. The Story is interesting, gameplay is abit poor, but the atmosphere is great, pretty long game too, its like $10 now, go buy it people, its not as bad as people say.

Here's hoping there is a sequel ...
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shakarak posted 20/04/2009, 07:35
Is this game good in that really bad sort of waY?
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Sherlock99 posted 22/07/2008, 01:58
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