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Wario Land Advance: Youki no Otakara

ワリオランドアドバンス ヨーキのお宝


Nintendo R&D1



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11/18/01 Nintendo
08/21/01 Nintendo
11/16/01 Nintendo

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Wario's back for more...and more...and MORE!

Hey! You! Yeah, you! Listen up when Wario's talking to you! I just read about this legendary Pyramid of Gold, and you're gonna help me go explore it. There's lots of treasure in there for the taking, and I want it all. I'm sure there are gonna be all kinds of weird enemies and big, bad bosses in there, so if you don't think you can hack it, put the game down now. I don't want any losers making me jump into bottomless pits, you hear me?

-Wario™ invades the Game Boy® Advance! See Wario in all his greedy glory as he explores vivid worlds made possible by the power of the AGB!

-Flex your muscles! Wario is no longer immortal, so you'll have your work cut out as you roll, punch and jump your way to tougher and tougher challenges. Wario will get stung by bees, zombified, bitten by bats, set on fire, and much more -what a way to make a living!

-Over twenty enormous stages await! Hunt down CDs for your listening pleasure, or collect treasure to spend on all-new items that you can use against the most bizarre bosses ever!

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Opinion (5)

No9tro posted 04/09/2019, 10:49
@Cactus Wario Land: Shake It?
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Cactus posted 11/06/2009, 05:22
The last great Wario platformer.
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Wetcoaster posted 17/09/2008, 10:19
This game rocks =D
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KillerMan posted 17/08/2008, 01:47
Good game
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NintendoMan posted 16/08/2008, 09:38
a fine series wario land, glad to see it come back with 'The Shake Dimension'
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