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Nintendo R&D1



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10/15/85 Nintendo
04/21/84 Nintendo
08/15/87 Nintendo

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Take aim, fire and score!


Your trusty hunting dog wades into the marshes to flush out your prey. Your fingers tighten around your Zapper light gun. Suddenly, there's a duck in the air! You've only got three shots to bag this duck, and if you miss, even your dog laughs at you! But become a sharp-shooter, and you'll progress to the next round where two ducks fly up at the same time. And then you're on to the ultimate challenge: Clay Shooting. Where you'll compete in a wild clay pigeon shooting contest! Play DUCK HUNT and discover you can have lots of laughs and be challenged at the same time.

[Duck Hunt, US Back Cover]

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Opinion (22)

mantlepiecek posted 23/10/2011, 07:56
I mean I made the banner (damn can't delete the comment)..>.>
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mantlepiecek posted 23/10/2011, 07:55
@spurg I did the banner ^_^
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spurgeonryan posted 20/10/2011, 04:04
A new banner. I wonder who was resposible for this classic gaming add? MasterVG?
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NintendoFanDj posted 17/10/2011, 09:12
This game is epic and I realize that Nintendo has the top selling games on here all most all their games are listed about 1million
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spurgeonryan posted 19/09/2011, 07:02
Who hasnt played this? Wouldn't the sales be the same as mario bros.?
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Imphamis posted 31/01/2010, 06:22
Who didn't love the "Zapper" back then? Who doesn't love everything about this game? I'll tell you who doesn' Why do I not love EVERYTHING about Duck Hunt?............It's that mischievous dog of a demon's laughter that haunts me to this day.
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