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11/24/03 Ubisoft
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11/28/03 Ubisoft

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man wakes up on a beach. He has no recollection of who he is.

He sets off in search of his past. His only clues are the number 13 tattooed on his collarbone and the key to a safety-deposit box in one of New York's most prestigious banks.

The passport he finds in the safe at the bank reveals his identity. His name is Steve Rowland and he's a captain in the United States army. Moments after making this discovery, he's arrested by colonel Amos, director of the FBI's anti-terrorist department and accused of the murder of William Sheridan, the 43rd president of the United States. In evidence, he's shown the enlargement of a snapshot in which he appears holding a sniper's rifle. The weapon is aimed at the presidential cortège. Despite this exhibit, in his heart of hearts he knows he's no murderer. All the same, when killers tried to eliminate him he was surprised to find he has the reflexes of an elite commando.

Wanted by all the cops in New York State and hunted down by The Mongoose , the amnesiac seems doomed to a choice of death or prison. But XIII hasn't counted on the unexpected assistance of major Jones, a young female soldier who helps him flee through the city of New York. During their escape, this foxy lady reveals to XIII that he's a secret agent working for general Carrington. Carrington is a nonconformist officer who is conducting a counter-inquiry into the presidential assassination but he was arrested and confined in an isolated military base in the Appalachian Mountains.

When XIII realizes that general Carrington is the only one who can shed light on his past, he sets off to find him with Jones.



  • XIII utilizes next-generation Unreal Engine technology
  • Cel-shaded graphics and the unique flashback visuals add to the novel effect of the comic license
  • Core Characters consisting of : XIII: The Hero who suffers a total memory loss and finds himself in the middle of a conspiracy. Major Jones, XIII's bodyguard; General Carrington, ex- military and the mission adviser; Amos, ex CIA and The Mongoose, XIII's worst enemy.
  • Varied gameplay - an unusual mix between stealth with commando like infiltration and action - (frantic searching, skiing, and sky dive)8 Chapters / 37 Missions across massive stylised environments
  • In addition to cell shading - eye-catching graphical effects such as ocean swell
  • A story-line based on the first 5 XIII comic books
  • Complete interactivity allows for players to use objects as weapons (e.g. bottles/barrels)
  • Using enemies as a human shield
  • Original multi-player mode "Cover Me", with a 2-man team where a sniper player has to cover the player trying to reach a flag.
  • Onamatopeapic special effects and visual representation of sound
  • A variety of weapons at the players disposal including 4 guns, multiple blade throwing knives and a crossbow.
  • Xbox live up to 4 players



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Opinion (4)

DamnTastic posted 27/07/2013, 03:01
This game was awesome!
Especially the MP(ish) part :)
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zippy posted 02/10/2012, 11:46
Loved this game ...very stylish
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hunter_alien posted 17/04/2008, 06:26
This game alongside POP : SOT and Beyond G&E where Ubis trial to make new blockbusters . POP managed to become one , the other two unfortunatly didnt :( Cool game though ;)
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BengaBenga posted 05/02/2008, 12:07
Really cool game.
Especially the art style and the story are very good.
Gameplay wise it's a very generic shooter, but it's original approach makes up for that.
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