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12/01/11 Majesco
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Nature's deadliest predator returns to terrorize the ocean and its inhabitants in this re-imagined underwater action adventure game. You are JAWS, hunting and killing prey, exploring the depths of the sea and battling fearsome new bosses.  Discover hidden collectibles and upgrade special abilities to tear opponents to pieces with more power and speed. JAWS: Ultimate Predator delivers a high-octane visceral experience with a range of combos, finishing moves, and deadly special attacks!


  • Based on the iconic movie from acclaimed director Steven Spielberg, JAWS: Ultimate Predator is a re-envisioning of the classic film.
  • Unlock new abilities by eating collectibles including Shark Teeth that can be used to purchase upgrades and attacks.
  • Customize JAWS and upgrade teeth, tail, and skin by using skill points acquired by breaking objects, discovering secrets and defeating bosses.
  • Fight a wide range of formidable enemies that match JAWS in strength, size or skill including the Tiger Shark, Killer Whale, Sea Serpent, Mechanized Scuba Hunters and more!
  • Perform 20 advanced attack combos including Fin Slice, Tail Spin and Bite Toss to stun, kill and rip apart enemies.
  • Fill the Rage Meter and unleash critical damage against targets and surrounding enemies with 8 different rage attacks including Super Stealth to swim at full speed without being detected and Shark Frenzy, a state of intense violence.
  • Experience real life environments and lush underwater settings from Hawaii to the Great Barrier Reef and Isla Guadalupe- and the infamous locale where it all started, Amity Island.  


Majesco Entertainment

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7 n/a 7,007 n/a 1,047 8,054
8 n/a 2,546 n/a 380 2,926
9 n/a 876 n/a 131 1,007
10 n/a 807 n/a 121 928

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spurgeonryan posted 03/11/2011, 04:49
Kind of interested in this game. I have Endless ocean 2
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