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Namco Bandai Games



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10/11/11 Namco Bandai
10/20/11 Namco Bandai
11/04/11 Namco Bandai

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Explore A Fun-Filled Island Paradise!

Welcome to Kawawii Island, a paradise vacation destination with dozens of exciting activities for the entire family! Check in from the comfort of your own home and explore the island at your own pace, taking in the snow, sun, city, beach, and more, all on one island.

Want to explore the island? Go horseback riding around the mountain, ride jet-skis along the beach, or just take a long car ride on the island. Embark on thrilling adventures like sky diving, surfing, and white water rafting or grab your friends and family for some relaxing miniature golf, horseback riding, or fishing.

Go Vacation encourages parents and kids to participate together with simple gameplay, multiple challenges, and hours of fun for the whole family! There’s never a dull moment when you Go Vacation!


  • The Ultimate Family Vacation Spot – There are exciting activities for up to four players spread out all across the island. Explore all the locations to experience four seasons of fun activities all on one island
  •  More than sports – In addition to Kawawii Island’s large selection of recreational and extreme sports, you can build your own villa and bring your pet dog along to play in activities.
  •  It’s a Real Vacation – All the fun and relaxation and none of the planning required... Snap photos of the island and partake in the resort lifestyle anytime you need a break
  • Many Ways to Play – Activities on Kawawii Island support the Wii MotionPlus™, Wii Zapper™ accessory, and Wii BalanceBoard™ for more advanced ways to play! (*Wii MotionPlus accessory sold separately.)
  • Jam Packed with Fun – More activities than you’ll know what to do with ~ Ride jet skis, race cars, play beach volleyball, hang glide, fish, surf, scuba dive, skate, snowboard, miniature golf, sky dive, horseback riding, play carnival games, and much more

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1 n/a 4,409 n/a 659 5,068
2 47,462 5,086 n/a 760 53,308
3 25,504 10,454 n/a 1,562 37,520
4 16,535 13,327 8,121 4,372 42,355
5 7,735 14,983 19,877 8,014 50,609
6 6,099 15,930 18,818 7,930 48,777
7 6,700 26,471 12,237 7,509 52,917
8 5,910 23,568 14,316 7,642 51,436
9 7,373 30,574 22,978 11,063 71,988
10 12,551 31,493 41,275 16,893 102,212

Opinion (15)

atma998 posted 22/07/2012, 11:31
1.00M Yay!
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Fededx posted 15/07/2012, 05:17
Another million seller for the Wii! :D
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atma998 posted 12/06/2012, 03:33
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*Yoshi* posted 23/12/2011, 03:18
Wow!, big increase in Europe!, I want this game ;)
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TheDarkBender posted 16/12/2011, 11:47
Best week yet :)
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kanjitech18 posted 09/12/2011, 06:51
Sales are spiking up in the West. Namco may just have a good sleeper hit on their hands. Good thing too cause this isn't a bad game.
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