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PC, X360

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07/31/12 Deep Silver
02/28/13 Ubisoft
08/03/12 Deep Silver

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Many horrible years have passed since the Gods abandoned the world and the titans rose from the confines of their prisons. They devastated everything in their path with unstoppable force.

However, there is a place on the southern tip of the Old Empire which still seems safe from the clutches of the Titans – the “Crystal Fortress” in Caldera. It is the headquarters of the Inquisition and a place of refuge for the people. It is repeatedly attacked by sea monsters, and supply ships are sunk en route. Nobody knows how long the walls will hold; food and weapons are gradually running out.

The nameless hero, devastated by the developments on Faranga, now drowns his sorrows in rum in the harbour town Caldera. As the situation grows more and more dire due to the shortage of food, he sets out on a mission to put an end to the sea monsters once and for all.  

During his adventurous journey he not only faces new and immense challenges, he also meets old acquaintances who help him on his quest.

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1 n/a 5,806 366 951 7,123
2 n/a 789 258 176 1,223
3 n/a 618 309 163 1,090
4 n/a 471 301 140 912
5 n/a 331 330 124 785
6 n/a 177 411 119 707
7 n/a 360 560 182 1,102
8 n/a 532 692 238 1,462
9 n/a 732 745 280 1,757
10 n/a 607 1,316 392 2,315
-girgosz- posted 03/06/2012, 01:09
Damn. The sales are freakin horrible for this game :O
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