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Agarest Senki: Reappearance

アガレスト戦記 リアピアランス


Compile Heart



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PS3, X360, PSN

Release Dates

08/09/11 Aksys Games
03/30/10 Compile Heart
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War darkened the skies of Agarest. Not a simple war between mortals, easily ended by divine intervention, but a war that split the gods themselves. Armies such as the world had never seen before, and would never see again, clashed in the skies of Agarest, across its surface, and even in the caverns that wound their way through its interior.

As is the way in war, many died on both sides, gods and mortals alike, and the war left Agarest broken, blackened, and dead. The gods wept for their paradise, and in a final act of creation, sacrificed themselves to bring life back to its charred and twisted surface.

Although the gods are long dead, the withering darkness that began and fueled their war is not. Imprisoned for millennia, its bonds have begun to weaken, and as they do, a shadow once again spreads across the surface of the world.

Born into this world perched unknowingly on the brink of the apocalypse, a young man by the name of Leonhardt and his descendants are the last, best hope for Agarest. Their journey will span generations and continents as they strive to once again bring peace to their beleaguered world, even as the cost of their own souls.


Aksys Games


The Games on Demand version supports English. Emotions that transcend Generations... Hovering on the brink of death, a young knight named Leonhardt is given a choice by a mysterious woman who calls herself Dyshana: Enter into a contract with her and do her bidding, or die. The alternative being unacceptable, Leonhardt accepts her contract and finds himself drawn into a war that will consume not only his life, but the lives of his descendants as well...

このゲームの取扱説明書をダウンロードするには、 でゲームを探し、[取扱説明書] を選択してください。 その想いは世代を超えて―― イベントイラストや新規ボイスなどの要素を追加し 5世代に渡る壮大な物語がXbox360でいま再び蘇る!! 瀕死の重傷を負ったレオンハルトは、死の間際謎の女性ディシャナと「魂の契約」をすることで一命を取り留める。しかし、この契約により、彼は自分だけでは なく子孫までも巻き込んだ戦いに身を投じていくことに…。 五つの大陸に存在する「柱」の封印をおこなうため、レオンハルトの息子たちである各世代の主人公がヒロインや仲間たちと、各大陸に存在する敵勢力と戦いを 繰り広げていきます。 このアイテムの払い戻しはありません。詳しくは をご覧ください。 (Japan)

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