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Chicago, June 2009. A 10.3 magnitude earthquake destroys the city and shatters your life as an ordinary citizen. As the rescue mysteriously fails to arrive, you are trapped in an environmental and social chaos that gets worse by the hour. Your only way out is to set up a massive refugee camp to hopefully attract rescue’s attention. You will need to find resources and organize survivors to create your headquarters. In the midst of Chicago’s ruins, you’ll have to both preserve and sacrifice in order to survive during 7 days. Rescue, heal, protect, kill, ambush or steal. But first, try staying alive. It could happen to you, so ask yourself: what would you do? 

Key Features:

  • The city is falling apart all around you! Survive the earthquake and its aftershocks, the collapsing buildings and the devastating rifts in this never before seen hostile environment.
  • Make your way through social chaos. Evolve among other survivors in an urban jungle where there are no more rules and where violent groups dictate their law.
  • Learn to survive. Use tactics, diversion and discretion to survive against the odds.
  • Rescue or hunt. In this new era where everyone is for himself and where water is gold, hunt for precious resources, save people in distress and restore order to unify survivors in one base camp.


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nilli posted 24/11/2011, 07:35
Hahaha this game got canceled on pc. Now you are learning Ubisoft. No need to feed those pc pirates. Nobody pays for pc games and even the consoles gamers who have gaming pc's would have just pirated the game on pc. Now they have to buy it or atleast rent it in order to play it. Nice move.
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