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Yuusha 30



Opus Studio



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10/21/09 Xseed Games
04/28/10 Marvelous Interactive
02/18/10 Rising Star

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Come along for a wild ride to experience one of the most unique gamign experiences around. An RPG has been streamlined so that you can level-grind, upgrade accessories, talk to villagers, take on side-quests and find new allies in order to save the world, all within thirty seconds!

  • A fresh new way to play games, clearing stages in 30-second intervals.
  • Four distinct storylines and game play modes that encompass an action RPG, a shooter, an escort mission, and a strategy game keep the game play fresh and varied.
  • With each of the four unique modes containing at least 30 distinct stages, short individual play times add up to over twenty hours of total game play.
  • Classic 8-bit graphics give the game it's unique visual style, while original music by one of Japan's most critically-acclaimed guitarists keeps a pace as fast and furious as the gameplay.
  • 101 MB Required


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