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Pokémon Memory Magic

ポケモンボックス ルビー&サファイア


The Pokémon Company



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09/12/04 Nintendo
05/30/03 Nintendo
01/01/04 Nintendo

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Wickedshyn posted 04/02/2009, 08:47
I found this info about the game

In Pokemon Box, you can store up to 1500 pokemon, view your Pokemon's stats, and view your Pokemon pieces. This is more of an "expansion" disc for the new Ruby/Sapphire versions of the game, rather than a whole new game itself. You can transfer monsters from any of the Pokemon games on Gameboy including Pokemon Blue, Pokemon Red, Green, Crystal, Ruby, etc. A GBA link cable is required.
# Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire is needed, along with GBA and GBA Game Link Cable
# Store up to 1,500 Pokemon in Pokemon Box
# Play Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire on TV screen
# Go straight to the Pokemon Box throughout the game
# See your Pokemon in "Pokemon Pieces"
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chrono_kazumi posted 14/10/2008, 10:28
Wrong. This was released in Europe and USA as well.
But there's something strange, in Wikipedia it says: "The game was released in Europe as Pokémon Memory Magic due to translation problems, and Europeans only could get the game by using points from Nintendo of Europe's loyalty program, or by buying the Pokémon Colosseum Mega Pak.", but i remember seeing it on sale several times in stores... and i remember as well that it was named "Pokémon Box: Ruby & Sapphire" (and yes, i live in Europe).
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Valkyria00 posted 31/08/2008, 02:16
Same as regin2005
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regin2005 posted 29/04/2008, 05:49
WTH is this and why did it only release in Japan?
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