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08/28/12 NCSoft
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08/28/12 NCSoft

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Guild Wars 2 is the first proper sequel in the popular Guild Wars franchise, and changes the recipe from the old games. ArenaNet are updating not just the Guild Wars franchise, but the MMORPG genre as a whole with Guild Wars 2.

Everything in Guild Wars 2 has been built to let the player have fun, and everything you know from old MMOs and the old Guild Wars games as well, have been put to the test, to see if they are actually fun, and how they can be improved. The result is an impressive game, that defies many existing conventions in the genre, all in the name of making Guild Wars 2 the best MMO in a long time. These improvements include things like:

- A dynamic world. Quests as you know them are gone, and instead there are events. Events are real time events that happen in the game, that you can join as they happen, and depending on the outcome, the world will change accordingly and a new event will be started from that.

- The personal story. Guild Wars 2 brings the storytelling of RPGs into the MMO realm, and has a story filled with choices that allow you to play through the game many times and see different storylines and twists every time.

- True cooperative play. Any person you meet in Tyria is a potential ally, as you no longer need to join a group with someone to play with them. You also recieve the same rewards in play when you play several people together as you would when you play alone, so no one can steal kills or loot from you.

- No more DPS/healer/tank setups. Guild Wars 2 has no dedicated healing profession, and every profession is built so they can provide support for their allies. Professions are extremely versatile, and this allows for a truly unique play style.

There is much more information about Guild Wars 2, head over to the offical Guild Wars 2 thread to find out more:

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As of: July 2014

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toot1231 posted 20/08/2016, 09:36
Best MMO ever made.
Bought it day 1 and still love it.
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zwei posted 21/03/2013, 08:50
It's a great game specialy for pvp & wvw, but lacks in pve contents. Beautiful graphics (high requests), sharp control, repetitive music & effects, abusive ban politic (they kick you off before to check if your infraction its true :s lol), the 8 professions are very well balanced and diferenced but for pvp mesmers & thiefs are op and in pve whitout doubt guardians are prety op. You can reach to maximun lvl very fast and easy, its easy to get equipment and all max lvl pjs have the same amount of stats and you can specialize at your wish. I only recomend this game for PvP & WvW
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Vile posted 06/02/2013, 11:01
I play Tera but there sure are a lot of bent retards out there mad that GW2 did better than it. Get over yourselves, fanboys.
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Nem posted 20/09/2012, 03:34
errorrpwns, i'm only playing TERA because GW2 failed to deliver. You know what im saying is true. I just had the guts to say it first. Go in the official on fan forums and you will see. People are bored and the fans recommend playing the game less to cure the boredom. If thats not a hint that the game is incredibly broken i dont know what is. It is just hype, there is no depth in the game. I'm a huge GW1 fan and i really wanted this game to be awesome, but it just isnt.
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-girgosz- posted 16/09/2012, 01:24
2 million units sold with digital sales. VGC doesN't count digital sales. How many times we have to go over this!?
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LevelUP posted 13/09/2012, 02:53
The units are sooooo undertracked Arenanet just announced they have sold over 2million units.
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