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10/27/09 Atlus
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10/30/09 Nordcurrent

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101-in-1 Party Megamix Wii is a collection of 101 ames set in a broad range of themes, featured as a series of TV shows. As the player progresses throughout the games, new TV stations and shows are unlocked, containing new games and game modes. Whether you like racing games, sports games, puzzle games, arcade games or action games - you will definitely find something for your taste. Furthermore, since you can play with your friends, there are tens of hours of gameplay that await you in 101 in 1 Party Megamix Wii!


  • 101 games in different genres, including racing, sports, arcade, action, puzzle games and many others
  • In addition to single player, most of the games can be played by 2 or 4 players
  • Easy to pick up and play gameplay, targeted at people of all ages
  • High-score tables, unlockable bonuses and extra features



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1 n/a 9,003 n/a 1,589 10,592
2 n/a 7,074 n/a 1,248 8,322
3 n/a 7,466 n/a 1,318 8,784
4 n/a 7,359 n/a 1,299 8,658
5 n/a 12,655 n/a 2,233 14,888
6 n/a 10,340 n/a 1,825 12,165
7 n/a 14,052 n/a 2,480 16,532
8 n/a 16,641 n/a 2,937 19,578
9 n/a 18,901 n/a 3,335 22,236
10 n/a 10,342 n/a 1,825 12,167

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goldeneye0065r posted 02/01/2012, 06:45
paid 30 bucks ,, and the only fun game i found in here is squishing the roaches haha
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spurgeonryan posted 26/11/2010, 09:17
When it made these sales! Oh and it was about 7 dollars a peice on black friday so here comes 300,000. 101 games though? Could be a long game to beat all of them?
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SaviorX posted 16/03/2010, 02:25
This game has supposedly been very successful for Atlus, and made them some money. It probably contributed to the profit the posted this quarter.
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nomorehalo posted 15/11/2009, 07:27
Wow, when did Atlus start releasing these kind of games?
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