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07/28/09 Deep Silver
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07/10/09 Deep Silver

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The chess game FRITZ teaches players the basics of the world's most famous board game in an entertaining way.

It's a fun game that is exciting to play, easy to learn, and not at all easy to master.

Fritz has a database containing more than 2000 exciting documented historical matches. Relive great moments in the history at the hands of its illustrious players, with matches that go from opponents such as Napoleon against Madame de Remusat to the strange automaton and even through classic matches of Kasparov and Fischer, or the legendary Morphy. In addition, Fritz includes a gallery of your victories. Learn and enjoy having access yourself to a personalized record of games with your friends and family!

The monarchs of the kingdoms of Ebony and Ivory, Fritz "The Black King" and Elizabeth "The White Queen", hold every ten years the "Chess Masters Tournament" to which come the champions from all villages of the kingdom. You are one of those champions who will fight to secure the coveted title of Chess Master. But to succeed you must defeat your opponents, thus earning the privilege to face the very Fritz himself, the unbroken Black King, and current Chess Master. Fritz will be your faithful squire and the one who can help you when you face your terrible opponents. And you better believe this: you'll need all the help you can get when you face different enemies, each with a different challenge to throw at you. From the brutal force and stupidity of the Brute to the dirty tricks of the Merchant and coming across the Kingdom's Hero, the only champion of the kingdom who has never been defeated, they all try to make you fail in your odyssey. Vanquish them all and extend your collection of Fritz Chess Treasures!


  • Free Chess: To play games freely in any of the three modes of play: Classic Chess, Chess 960 or Giveaway. You can have all the help Fritz has to offer.
  • Fritz Chess ELO: Only you against the machine playing Classic Chess, without any help. The outcome will affect your ELO score. ELO is the number that indicates how good a player you are.
  • Multiplayer: You can play against a friend on the same console, in any of three modes: Classic, 960 or Giveaway.
  • Set up position: Put the pieces in a certain position and continue the match. Ideal for solving chess problems from the newspaper.

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