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America - Front

America - Back

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11/16/04 Activision
10/27/05 Capcom
12/03/04 Activision

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In the "War That Changed the World," no one fought alone. In Call of Duty™: Finest Hour, head to the front lines of combat to experience the cinematic intensity of WWII's epic battles, from the Russian infantry charge at Stalingrad to the British PPA Commando raids in North Africa to the American-led tank charges in Belgium.

  • Cinematic fever of war: Play through epic battlefield moments that thrust you into the front lines of World War II’s most intense battles, with the sights and sounds of war echoing all around you. Take on the Nazi war machine through 12 authentic combat missions across four countries along the war-torn eastern, North African, and western fronts. Missions range from large-scale conflicts featuring hundreds of soldiers to coordinated tactical assaults featuring sabotage, stealth, sniper, and vehicle-based combat missions.
  • Brothers in arms: Experience the camaraderie of a squad, bound together through the chaos of battle. Through advanced A.I., your squad will act like a trained military unit with authentic military tactics, laying down suppression fire, providing cover fire, and coordinating attacks on enemy positions. Your squad will be comprised of soldiers from a variety of backgrounds, with distinct personalities and roles to play on your missions. As you progress through the game, you’ll experience the war from six unique player perspectives and through each character’s own personal and patriotic journey.
  • Allied front: Relive the war from multiple perspectives—through the eyes of American, British, or Russian soldiers. Begin your campaign as a raw Russian conscript, thrown into the harrowing battle of Stalingrad. Take on the role of a British PPA Commando, sent on daring raids in North Africa. Battle Nazi tank forces throughout Belgium as an American tank commander.
  • Realistic weapons: With your opponents, command an arsenal of more than 30 authentic WWII armaments from the Russian, British, American, and German armories, including pistols, machine guns, sniper rifles, and grenades.
  • Online multiplayer: Go on Xbox Live® for Axis-versus-Allies team-based multiplayer gameplay online. Choose your side and work together with players from around the world to eliminate enemies and complete mission objectives. Choose from a variety of team-based scenarios or be the last man standing in Team Deathmatch. Call out to allies or enemies with voice support.


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