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America - Front

America - Back

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Nintendo EAD



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VC, iQue

Release Dates

03/01/98 Nintendo
12/21/97 Nintendo
05/10/98 Nintendo

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2,850,000 Units
As of: December 31st, 2003

Opinion (9)

Illusion posted 25/06/2021, 09:39
A really fun a fairly challenging game if you only eat the green melons. It definitely seems like the game intended for the green melons to be a more challenging objective that got dropped at some point late in development. The art style for this game is still incredible even today. With an RGB modded N64, it looks fairly nice even on an HD screen.
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goldeneye0065r posted 30/12/2011, 04:42
so boring i returned it ,, then what happened ten yrs later to make me pick it up again ill never know now it collects dust
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Solid-Stark posted 25/06/2011, 12:07
I actually liked this back in the day, but yes i agree it was short.
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spurgeonryan posted 20/12/2010, 08:23
It was fun though for what it was! I would have to give it a 7.5 though. Back then games were all about time. I wasted so much money on this then beat it in about what 2-3 hours? My Dad almost died when he found out he wasted 50 dollars on this and 50 on cruisn usa! Not many game stores back then. But there was one in Olympia. dont remember the name though
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pariz posted 04/10/2009, 10:47
The SNES version is one of my favourites. This game was fun, but not at the same level.
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RunescapeFan posted 04/08/2009, 04:04
It Was Okay But Too Easy At Some Parts The Hard At Other Parts
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