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Cabela's Dangerous Adventures





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PS2, PS3, X360

Release Dates

09/23/08 Activision
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03/13/09 Activision

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Face the world’s most dangerous animals, where a well-placed shot draws the line between life and death in this thrilling, non-stop hunting adventure!

25 of the World’s Most Dangerous Animals
    -React quickly or get mauled by ferocious animals including Lions, Grizzly Bears, Cape Buffalo, Rhinos, Elephants, Jaguars, and more!

9 Exotic Locations around the Globe
    -Travel the globe to places such as the Alaskan wilderness, the African savannah, the Russian tundra, and the South African jungle.

Non-Stop Danger
    -Experience avalanches, stampedes, plane crashes, and piranha-infested waters.

Intense Melee Combat
    -Failing to stop a ferocious animal charge will leave you in an intense struggle for your survival!

Challenging Boss Encounters
    -Each level ends with a boss encounter, which will require skill and strategy to bring down the trophy.

3 Different Hunting Modes
    -Story Mode – Play as Flint Abrahams, an experienced big game hunter, on his quest to hunt the world’s most dangerous game.
    -Bonus Hunt Mode – Use the skills you’ve gained in a series of hunting challenges.
    -All New Action Zone Mode – Fight waves of attacking animals in this arcade style gameplay mode where you can compete against your friends for high scores.

Big Caliber Weapons
    -9 high powered rifles you’ll need to bring down hard-charging animals.
    -Over 30 weapon upgrades including scopes, magazine, ammunition, and stocks.



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Sales History

Total Sales
1 n/a 4,209 n/a 743 4,952
2 n/a 4,836 n/a 853 5,689
3 n/a 6,741 n/a 1,190 7,931
4 n/a 7,559 n/a 1,334 8,893
5 n/a 7,232 n/a 1,276 8,508
6 n/a 6,136 n/a 1,083 7,219
7 n/a 5,238 n/a 924 6,162
8 n/a 5,973 n/a 1,054 7,027
9 n/a 7,170 n/a 1,265 8,435
10 n/a 15,560 n/a 2,746 18,306

Opinion (2)

axumblade posted 15/04/2009, 08:22
My store has sold out every time we get this game's kind of scary.
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AJM Ruler posted 20/02/2009, 07:40
I am really surprised a game like this sold over 200k in the US alone and on the Wii!
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