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Sin and Punishment: Successor of the Skies

Tsumi to Batsu: Sora no Koukeisha

罪と罰 宇宙の後継者


Treasure Co., Ltd.



Release Dates

06/27/10 Nintendo
10/29/09 Nintendo
05/07/10 Nintendo

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Players engage in nonstop shooter action as they’re propelled through this run-and-gun style
game. Isa and Kachi are being hunted. They go on the run and on the defensive, shooting
everything in sight. Sin and Punishment 2 is the long-awaited sequel to the Japanese
Nintendo 64 cult-classic shooter. It brings a frantic arcade sensibility to a post-apocalyptic


  • Players can run on foot or take to the skies with a jetpack or hovering skateboard-like device to dodge enemy attacks or get a better lock on their targets.
  • Players can fire at targets in the distance or switch to sword attacks for close-range targets.
  • The Wii Remote controller’s pointing ability is used to aim weapons, while the Nunchuk controller is used for positioning and maneuvering.
  • Numerous settings include beautifully rendered cityscapes and dramatic underwater tunnels, all populated by fierce enemies.
  • It’s all about the multiplier. The better a player’s skills, the more points are earned, and the bigger the bonus. Players will want to play the game again and again to beat their personal best on each level. The better the performance, the bigger the multiplier and the higher the final score.

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Goodnightmoon posted 10/01/2015, 01:00
This game deserves like 3m!!!
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supernihilist posted 23/01/2014, 05:50
wow Japan really ignored this little gem
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Fededx posted 08/01/2014, 12:59
After struggling, it managed to move a decent amount of copies. Hope it made some money to Nintendo, I really love this franchise!
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curl-6 posted 18/06/2013, 08:40
Amazing game, sadly overlooked because it's not what's trendy these days
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AkiraGr posted 11/02/2012, 04:42
me too... I cannot believe how people ignore this gem.
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