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09/02/08 Activision
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10/17/08 Activision

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Battle trophy fish beyond belief! Travel to the world’s top fishing hotspots and put your angling skills to the ultimate test in the “hottest tournaments on water!” Hang on for the fight of your life as you experience rod-bendin’, heart-poundin’, fish-fightin’ action!
It’s All about the Fight – gameplay focuses on the most exciting part of fishing: adrenaline pumpin’, fish-fightin’ action!

Wii Remote and Nun-chuck & Playstation® system’s SIXAXIS™ and Dualshock®3 Wireless Controllers – Designed to take full advantage of motion sensing capabilities as you cast, jig the bait, set the hook, and more!

Limited Edition All-in-One Rod and Reel Combo for the Wii - Cast It, Crank It, Set the Hook!

Catch Your Favorite Trophy – angle for the most sought-after fish species including large-mouth bass, small-mouth bass, walleye, cat-fish, trout, and more...

3 Gameplay Modes - tournaments, open fishing, and quick challenge modes will allow you to jump right into the action.

Authentic Lures - fish with over 300 lures including authentically modeled, Rapala lures, each having unique properties, physically-modeled behaviors, and a range of different colors.

The World’s Top Fishing Spots - over 500,000 acres of fishing include Clear Lake CA, Lake Okeechobee FL, and Lake Amistad, TX.

Incredibly Rich, Photo-realistic Underwater Environments - Crisp details that surpass anything seen before in a fishing game!

Guide your boat - to 100s of fishing “hotspots”, or that secret fishing hole only you know about.

Source: Activision Website

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1 n/a 6,167 n/a 1,088 7,255
2 n/a 5,592 n/a 987 6,579
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