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Violence Killer Turok: New Generation


Iguana Entertainment



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10/21/98 Acclaim Entertainment
06/18/99 Gen Soft
01/01/98 Acclaim Entertainment

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The game begins with the new Turok, Joshua Fireseed appearing through a portal to face a blue-skinned woman named Adon.

She explains he has been called by the Elders of the Lost Land, the Lazarus Concordance, to defeat a powerful alien entity called the Primagen, a creature imprisoned long ago in the wreckage of his spacecraft after attempting to conquer the Lost Land.

The Primagen was sealed in the ruined craft by five devices called Energy Totems which he now attempts to destroy with his army of creatures from several different races.

In the process Turok must defeat the Primagen's armies and acquire ancient magical powers from the Talisman chambers, eventually leading to Turok facing the Primagen himself.

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Opinion (18)

toot1231 posted 20/11/2014, 06:41
Loved this game back in the day
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DieAppleDie posted 16/09/2012, 01:51
Amzing fgame, the most involving atmosphere on the N64, AMAZING soundtrack, unbelievable grafix for its time, huge levels, great weapon did so many things so well
Message | Report
mjo011 posted 09/09/2011, 11:21
A spectacular game for its time. By the way, did anybody else notice that Turok's view was like only 50cm over the ground? Kinda strange.
Message | Report
MARCUSDJACKSON posted 29/08/2011, 04:26
everything turok was god in my world.
Message | Report
Calmador posted 13/04/2011, 01:25
So if I wanted a break from Golden 007 I'd pick this up and play it because to me this was the 2nd best FPS game on the N64... deserved more sales... such an epic game.
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spurgeonryan posted 07/01/2011, 05:18
When I curse the beginning I say this because I did not have a Memory pack , and still dont!!!
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