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09/04/02 DreamCatcher Interactive
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Between cases, Nancy Drew has taken an internship as Deputy Curator at the Beech Hill Museum in Washington, D.C. Nancy soon discovers she will be doing more than learning about ancient Maya artifacts—there have been a series of thefts and the only clue left behind in a mysterious scarlet handprint!

As Nancy digs deeper into seemingly unrelated thefts, the know ledge she gains about the Maya culture makes her realize that she may have unearthed a larger plot.

The Case: You, as Nancy Drew, have taken on a summer intern position as Deputy Curator at the Beech Hill Museum in Washington, D.C. The museum specializes in ancient Maya culture and has just won a heated bidding war for the rights to borrow and display a strange Maya monolith recently excavated in Guatemala. While preparing for the exhibit Nancy learns about Maya culture and artifacts. When a thief nabs a prized piece from the museum, Nancy realizes that the missing artifacts may have more in common than just the thief’s signature scarlet handprint!

In Secret of the Scarlet Hand Nancy’s investigation will take her outside the museum walls and into the U.S. capitol where she meets characters at the Mexican Consulate, visits a hospital and takes the D.C. subway.

Will Nancy be able to put the pieces of this ancient puzzle together? Or will the mystery remain entombed forever?

As part of your job as Deputy Curator, you'll need to make sure all the exhibit pieces match their descriptions

You'll be able to hear an audio recording of the description on each plaque!

 --Her Interactive

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