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10/15/03 LucasArts
11/21/03 LucasArts
11/07/03 LucasArts

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Strike against the evil Empire!

Battle your way through the classic Star Wars trilogy in cinematically real and intense arcade action! You are the Rebellion's last hope.

The legendary Rogue Squadron returns with more ways to play than ever before!

  • Climb out of your cockpit and battle the Empire on foot as Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and other classic Star Wars heroes.
  • Save the Rebellion from Imperial troopers while riding speeder bikes, tauntauns and more!
  • Multiplayer gaming includes Rampage, Tag & Defend as well as challenging dogfights!

Special feature: Two-player co-operative version of Rogue Leader game included on Rebel Strike disc.

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piete posted 26/01/2011, 01:37
3DS FTW! :)
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1200p|is|FullHD posted 23/07/2009, 10:59
this looks better than 80 % of ps360 games
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robond posted 27/04/2009, 04:07
For me this is one of the best Star Wars game ever.
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TWRoO posted 20/03/2009, 01:02
I liked some of the walking sections... and I loved the speeder bike and AT-ST missions.

Going against the super star destroyer with the old A-wing lookalike (I forget it's name) was the best level though.
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Punisher posted 09/02/2008, 04:50
Two-player "add-on" was pretty neat. Me and my mates played this game wayyyyyyyy too much. Only minus comes from horrible walking sections. 8/10
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