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EA Digital Illusions CE



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PS3, X360, XBL, All, Series

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01/12/09 Electronic Arts
01/22/09 Electronic Arts
01/16/09 Electronic Arts

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In a city where information is heavily monitored, agile couriers called Runners transport sensitive data away from prying eyes.

In this seemingly utopian paradise, a crime has been committed, your sister has been framed and now you are being hunted. You are a Runner called Faith - and this innovative first-person action-adventure is your story.

Mirror’s Edge™ delivers you straight into the shoes of this unique heroine as she traverses the vertigo-inducing cityscape, engaging in intense combat and fast paced chases. With a never before seen sense of movement and perspective, you will be drawn into Faith’s world. A world that is visceral, immediate, and very dangerous. Live or die? Soar or plummet? One thing is certain, in this city you will learn how to run.

From the makers of the groundbreaking Battlefield franchise, Mirror’s Edge is an action-adventure experience unlike any other.

Key features

Move yourself:

String together an amazing arsenal of wall-runs, leaps, vaults and more, in fluid, acrobatic movements that turns every level of the urban environment to your advantage and salvation.

Immerse yourself:

In first person every breath, every collision, every impact is acutely felt. Heights create real vertigo, movements flow naturally, collisions and bullet impacts create genuine fear and adrenaline.

Challenge yourself:

Fight or flight. Your speed and agility allow you not only to evade, capture and perform daring escapes, but also to disable and disarm unwary opponents, in a mix of chase, puzzles, strategy and intense combat.

Free Yourself:

Runner vision allows you to see the city as they do. See the flow. Rooftops become pathways and conduits, opportunities and escape routes. The flow is what keeps you running – what keeps you alive.


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Opinion (8)

IllegalPaladin posted 03/01/2010, 05:56
Thanks to Steam, it was only $5.

Using a mouse and keyboard is SO much better than fumbling around with a controller in my opinion. Even if my specs can't run it at a smooth frame rate, the game looks great at high settings and the Physx effects add that extra level of detail to the levels.
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Cueil posted 31/12/2009, 12:06
This game works automagicly with Xbox 360 controllers.
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salaminizer posted 03/12/2009, 02:15
it's a good game, I loved the art style. but as everyone said, the combat sections were horrid. actually using the guns is not really bad, but HAVING to grab a gun and kill some baddies is just annoying.

and the story too, like no one knew Celeste was one of them...
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Killergran posted 20/10/2009, 07:48
Yeah, if your PC can run it, it's WAY nicer on PC.
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Deviation59 posted 17/05/2009, 09:55
This game is incredible on the PC. It's just so much easier to control than it is on the consoles.
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doomed89 posted 17/05/2009, 07:05
I'm guessing this game is under tracked lol, seriously do the not bother tracking pc games or something, I really wanted to know how well this is selling on pc
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