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01/01/78 Atari
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An evil magician has stolen the Enchanted Chalice and has hidden it somewhere in the Kingdom.  The object of the game is to rescue the Enchanted Chalice and place it inside the Golden Castle where it belongs.

This is no easy task, as the Evil Magician has created three Dragons to hinder you in your quest for the Golden Chalice.  There is a Yorgle, the Yellow Dragon, who is just plain mean; there is Grundle, the Green Dragon, who is mean and ferocious; and there is Rhindle, the Red Dragon, who is the most ferocious of all.  Rindle is also the fastest dragon and is the most difficult to outmaneuver.

There are three castles in the kingdom: the White Castle, the Black Castle, and the Golden Castle.  Each castle has a Gate of the entrance.  The Gate can be opened with the corresponding colored Key.  Inside each Castle are rooms (or dungeons), depending at which Skill Level you are playing).

The Castles are seperated by rooms, pathways and labyrinths.  Common to all the Skill Levels is the Blue Labyrinth through which you must find your way to the Black Castle.  Skill Levels 2 and 3 have a more complicated Kingdom.

(credit: Atari - direct word-for-word excerpt from the instruction manual)

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The Lurker posted 01/01/2009, 07:13
There are better top-down hack'n'slashes, but none more nostalgic.
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sep85dd posted 01/05/2008, 02:09
one of the simplest but best games in the late 1970s and early 1980s
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MontanaHatchet posted 27/04/2008, 08:48
This is actually my favorite 2600 game, no joke.
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