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04/16/07 Nintendo
04/03/07 Nintendo
03/30/07 Nintendo

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You are Little Mac, who may be the smallest boxer in the ring, but has a lot of heart. Battling your way through numerous comical boxers, including Soda Popinski and Mr. Sandman, the ultimate goal is to fight Iron for the World Video Boxing Association Title. With a grin and a wink, the final boxing champ Mr. Dream unleashes a flurry of punches that can knock Little Mac down with a single hit. Train hard, Little Mac, and maybe you can take down the champ!

This version of Punch-Out!! is the second edition of the title -- the first was the infamous original Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!, which featured the notorious Mike Tyson on the box and as the final challenger. Nintendo released this version after Tyson lost his heavyweight title and a renewed license was no longer desirable -- instead, the equally challenging fictional Mr. Dream character squared up against Little Mac.

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1 183 n/a n/a 183
2 175 n/a n/a 175
3 177 n/a n/a 177
4 180 n/a n/a 180
5 164 n/a n/a 164
6 156 n/a n/a 156
7 216 n/a n/a 216
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9 240 n/a n/a 240
10 250 n/a n/a 250

Opinion (8)

Gammalad posted 07/09/2014, 09:45
Wasn't this a million seller?
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Salnax posted 20/02/2014, 03:16
Maybe there was a glitch so that this only shows European and Japanese sales after 2009? I remember being happy that this sold about a million in 2009 alone.
Message | Report
Arfen posted 19/02/2014, 09:02
What the hell?!??! this game was million seller confirmed long ago. And this is not the cover of this game!!
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Fededx posted 16/02/2013, 02:35
It was 1.21 million, I remember. I wonder what happened and why they didn't correct it... Such an amazing game!
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Plezbo posted 05/02/2013, 08:35
Yeah, WTF?

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MrNinty posted 16/05/2012, 06:33
Error inside....this game is million seller. Also this cover is wrong...
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