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Baroque for Wii

バロック for Wii





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04/08/08 Atlus
03/13/08 Sting
08/29/08 Rising Star

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A Dark, Twisted Fantasy

The world of Baroque is one inhabited by twisted people. Meta-Beings, Angels, the Order of Malkuth, and the "Neuro Tower" are all tangled threads of the warped tapestry that is Baroque.

A World That Changes Every Time You Play

The protagonist must head to the lowest floor of the Neuro Tower and fight through the foul denizens of the world. The Neuro Tower itself is also constantly distorting, and hence, the protagonist will be introduced to a new labyrinth every time he sets foot inside.

Battle with Meta-Beings

Strange and twisted Meta-Beings will impede your progress through the Neuro Tower. You will need to use your purification abilities as well as a vast assortment of weapons, armor, and even parasites.




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Opinion (17)

palancas7 posted 16/12/2009, 04:32
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VivaLaWiida posted 14/12/2009, 08:09
Okay I'm taking back my comment. This game sucks.
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VivaLaWiida posted 13/12/2009, 11:12
The graphics aren't as bad as many are stating. I think this game is quite good.. The music is horrible, the plot is interesting but confusing, the gameplay is okay but it makes fun and that's all what matters.
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VivaLaWiida posted 12/12/2009, 11:26
Just started playing it.. very weird story and the plot scares me somehow..
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spurgeonryan posted 10/11/2009, 03:13
Bought it used for 80 percent off at a closing game crazy (tommarrow is the last day!!!) horrible Graphics! It was 2 bucks so who cares?
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noname2200 posted 12/09/2009, 09:20
Now this is a bomba!

I did my part though...when it dropped to $10... >_>
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