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06/03/08 Sierra Entertainment
06/27/08 Sierra Entertainment

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You are the perfect weapon. You are Jason Bourne.

Robert Ludlum's best-selling spy novels and blockbuster film adaptations have thrilled millions. Now become Ludlum's most famous spy Jason Bourne, going deeper than ever into his world of espionage and conspiracy. A signature Jason Bourne video game experience is born in an original title fusing the viscous tension and depth of the novels with the aggressive style and frenetic action of the films.

  • Become Jason Bourne, a 30 million dollar weapon on the loose, in action-packed original missions and sequences inspired by The Bourne Identity

  • Go deeper into the Bourne mythos than ever before, experiencing Bourne as both ruthless agent and wanted assassin on the run from his own agency

  • Move from firefights to fistfights in sequences that seamlessly blend shooting with hand-to-hand combat

  • Employ signature Bourne techniques to weaponize, improvise, always survive -- pull off heart-pounding escapes, memorable fight moves, acrobatic gun play, and devastating takedowns
Sierra Entertainment

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Opinion (8)

Heavenly_King posted 22/03/2009, 04:14
It is a good game; it is a deluded version of Uncharted
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arsenal009 posted 01/10/2008, 12:52
habfan is right, this game surely lost sierra quite a bit of $$.
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nextgreatchamp posted 03/07/2008, 09:26
sells are horrible!! does this indicate that i shouldnt get the game
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Aj_habfan posted 22/06/2008, 10:57
I was suprised they used the Unreal engine on this, and it seemed to actually be a high production game. Too bad it will sell horribly and will defenitly lose them lots of money.
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Munkeh111 posted 19/06/2008, 09:16
I wasn't really impressed with the demo. i did not particularly like the combat system, and the fact that control was taken away from me frequently
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nextgreatchamp posted 18/05/2008, 09:46
i just played the demo and its better than what i expected. i'm definitely getting this
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