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PC, PSN, X360

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06/09/09 Activision
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06/12/09 Activision

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You are a shape-shifter with amazing powers of combat, destruction, and deception—the PROTOTYPE™. Consume and become anyone, hide in plain sight as a normal human, and mix and match genetic traits to create incredible never-before-seen deadly biological weapons. Consume people and gain their skills, knowledge, and personality. Fight a secret war against a conspiracy out to capture or kill you—defeat it before it threatens the survival of New York itself.

  • Shape-shifting ability: Attack with devastating powers or assume the perfect design.
  • Deadly conspiracy: Fight a conspiracy tied to your past before it spirals out of control.
  • Power and agility: Take control of the deadliest creature ever to walk the earth.
  • Deceive and destroy: Choose your strategy—confound, exploit, or annihilate your enemies in single player or co-op mode.
  • Hunting ground: New York City is your hunting ground as you stalk the most crowded, vibrant, interactive game city ever.

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1 n/a 94,784 57,535 35,905 188,224
2 n/a 39,492 41,640 20,849 101,981
3 n/a 23,639 26,041 12,852 62,532
4 n/a 19,029 17,718 9,264 46,011
5 n/a 16,889 11,706 6,882 35,477
6 n/a 15,142 8,185 5,400 28,727
7 n/a 12,821 7,427 4,739 24,987
8 n/a 9,649 6,220 3,776 19,645
9 n/a 8,023 7,318 3,855 19,196
10 n/a 6,696 8,114 3,887 18,697
Heavenly_King posted 11/06/2011, 07:03
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chris212223 posted 21/12/2010, 06:23
1 Million!!!
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Ghazi4 posted 26/05/2010, 03:05
1 million soon i guess ^^ and the only reason i kinda like this game more than infamous is cuz of the character :P he is more badass than cole :P but i liked infamous more in general
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FootballFan posted 25/05/2010, 01:28
1 million.....maybe.
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NYANKS posted 10/09/2009, 02:25
Watch Infamous overtake both console versions by the end of december. Hopefully.
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Kantor posted 05/09/2009, 08:15
This game is really underrated. It's awesomely fun to play, there are loads of different attacks, moves and missions, and YOU CAN NINJA KICK A HELICOPTER!

I would still give the edge to inFamous, but only just.
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