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09/26/05 Atari
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09/16/05 Atari

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Indigo Prophecy™ is an innovative adventure game that tells the story of Lucas Kane—an ordinary man who unconsciously commits a random act of murder. Through the use of branching storylines and multiple character perspectives, players embark on an immersive adventure on par with a Hollywood thriller.

  • Scenario-driven adventure: Allows players to control the plot through their decisions.
  • No two story paths are identical: Replay the game through alternate decision scenarios for a different outcome.
  • Four different character choices: Play as lead character Lucas Kane, Detective Carla Valenti, Detective Tyler Miles (Carla’s partner) and Lucas' brother Marcus Kane.
  • Mental health management: Choose the correct course of action and maintain the psychological balance of each main character through 44 bone-chilling acts.
  • Multiple views: Free-flowing navigation and multi-view split-screen allows players to see what is happening in a different area of the game while playing through a particular scenario.
  • Realistic animation: Motion capture from more than 50 stuntmen and actors creates the most realistic character models, dynamic cinematics and high-caliber, Hollywood-style action sequences.

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zwei posted 07/05/2012, 12:43
Awesome game
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green_sky posted 24/03/2011, 05:49
half life
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drakesfortune posted 28/02/2009, 02:14
This is a good game for adults. Nice, interesting story line.
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Strategyking92 posted 03/12/2008, 12:52
This was such a great game. MANY bugs, but the story was interesting, if not a little kooky near the end. This game is not about gameplay, so don't come into the game looking for it. Come for the choose your own path story.
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