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03/10/15 Capcom
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03/10/15 Capcom

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fatslob-:O posted 15/04/2019, 03:15
Finally, Capcom backtracked on this disaster of a reboot and righted their wrong ...
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A203D posted 24/04/2017, 12:28
@fatslob. No. DMC4 Donte is not Dante:

Dante has changed in every game, with DMC4 Donte being the worst character created for the Devil May Cry series, and the worst iteration of Dante. He looks dissimmilar to Dante and acts completely different. Now explain to me why is it delusional to admit the camp homo is not Dante?

Again, DmC uses manual lock-on, DMC4 uses automatic lock-on. If you have a problem accepting that engage me in a forum and watch Nero the Emo May Cry disintergrate before you eyes.
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fatslob-:O posted 15/01/2017, 11:08
@A203D How much of a habitual liar do you have to be to make up your own reality ?

For the last fucking time Dante is the same in the first 4 games (the connection is made even more apparent with Virgil's campaign in DMC4 special edition) and DmC was the one originally with the automatic lock on (even the dedicated fandom wiki agrees with me) ...
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A203D posted 28/05/2016, 09:07
@fatslob-scum. Why is delusional to admit DMC4 Donte is not Dante? Why is it delusional to admit that DMC4's awful automatic lock-on and clunky gameplay was just that? Why is it is delusional to pretend that Ninja Theory is to blame for Nero the Emo May Cry?
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hiccupthehuman posted 17/05/2016, 02:27
Just finished this gamr. It fucking rocks :D
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fatslob-:O posted 20/04/2016, 07:10
@A203D I'm convinced that your some mirror since you don't have an original enough mind to counter my arguments without some blatant plagiarism ...

Calling other people scum ? LEL, your one sad man at this point ...

In a state of obsession, denial, and anger, I'm not going to deal with your grandeur delusions any longer ...
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